Thiruvananthapuram to see tough Kummanam-Tharoor-Divakaran triangular contest – UKMALAYALEE

Thiruvananthapuram to see tough Kummanam-Tharoor-Divakaran triangular contest

Saturday 9 March 2019 2:37 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM March 9: It was RSS that made a strong demand for Kummanam’s candidature. Recently, when party Chief Amit Shah reached Palakkad, RSS representatives took a special appointment of him and pushed for Kummanam’s case.

This pressure tactics continued at RSS Akhila Bharatheeya Representatives’ meeting in Gwalior and finally the Central leadership showed the green signal for Kummanam.

Though there were other similar demands from other governors to contest MP election, there was as strong formation of opinion among frontline leaders in favour of Kummanam.

Moreover, the State BJP also gave a report to the Centre in favour of Kummanam. Kummanam’s name was confirmed only three days ago.

The BJP expects NSS support through Kummanam, a Nair candidate, in the wake of Sabarimala issue. Kummanam also has a good name in Sangh Parivar.

C Divakaran is resting his hope on the traditional Left influence in the Thiruvananthapuram constituency.

He expects a split of Hindu votes in the present messy politics in Kerala post-Sabarimala issue. He will eye coastal and Minority votes and rake up the issue of Thiruvananthapuram airport privatization.

Tharoor’s aim will be to retain his coastal area support along with his general acceptance. His election campaign will also try to turn his stand on Sabarimala into votes for the UDF.

Shashi Tharoor MP said on Friday that he didn’t fear election, whoever his opposite candidate might be, in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

He told a prominent media that what was important was not any person but the stands taken by him or her.

“I’m not thinking about candidates of other parties. What I first heard was that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself will be coming to Thiruvananthapuram to contest the election,” he quipped.

Shashi Tharoor said whoever might be pitted against him, he would be highlighting his own public activities. “I will not be criticizing the personality of my opponents… it is their activities that need to be evaluated.”

“The BJP has been ruling the Centre for the past five years and CPM has been ruling Kerala for the past three years. I will be pointing out the projects implemented over the past ten years,” he said.

Tharoor added that he was not very close to Kummanam but as far as he knew, the BJP leader was a good person.

BJP leader and MP V Muraleedharan said that Kummanam’s return to Kerala would help State BJP in a big way.

“Kummanam is an ideal candidate for Thiruvananthapuram constituency and he will create history in Thiruvananthapuram.”

Meanwhile, Left candidate C Divakaran has said it will be a tough contest if Kummanam is fielded from Thiruvananthapuram.

“My opponents are strong but I hope that Thiruvananthapuramites will vote against the Centre’s anti-people policies and Shashi Tharoor’s breach of his election promises,” he said.