Malayalee’s noble deeds in UK gets mother honoured back home by Kerala Governor at Raj Bhavan – UKMALAYALEE

Malayalee’s noble deeds in UK gets mother honoured back home by Kerala Governor at Raj Bhavan

Monday 19 July 2021 6:19 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON July 18: A son’s deeds in another country gets noticed back in his home land and thus his mother gets honoured for the son’s deeds. It would be first time in history such an act of honour has been bestowed upon a mother for the son’s deeds in another country.

Prabhu Natarajan has been in news in the UK for the various charity works he has been undertaking. His noble deeds ended up Prime Minister Boris Johnson inviting him to a ceremony to honour him.

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As all recognition and fame arrived for Prabhu in the UK, the news about his charity works reached the corridors of power in his homeland Kerala too. Many from the political, arts and film fraternity called and applauded Prabhu Natarajan for his charity work in the UK.

The news also reached Kerala Governor Mohammed Arif Khan. His office rang Prabhu in the UK and congratulated him and told him to meet the governor on his next visit to Kerala. However, Prabhu had only one request to the governor, “Would you be able to meet my mother in spite of me coming to see you?”

The governor overwhelmingly said yes to it and asked Prabhu to ask his mother to provide her a convenient time to meet the governor in Kerala once the Covid pandemic situation has eased,

The governor has now met with Prabhu’s mother Vijayalakshmi at his office in Raj Bhavan. Prabhu’s mother was honoured with a ponnada by the Kerala governor. The governor has also allowed Prabhu’s spouse Shilpa’s parent to visit the governor at a later time.

The sole strength behind Prabhu’s success is the support provided by his wife Shilpa and their son Advaith Prabhu (Addhu). Prabhu works as a carer at Glebefields Care Home where Shilpa is the deputy manager.

Prabhu is from Olavakkode in Palakkad and Shilpa is a native of Alappuzha in Kerala. Addhu, the only son, is six years old. Shilpa is the daughter of Balachandran Nair and Shakuntla.

Prabhu is the son of Late Natarajan and Vijayalakshmi. His father died at a very young age. Prabhu was brought up and educated by his mother who raised money by selling clothes door-to-door.