Live instrumental music by Keralite children from Stoke-On-Trent on Facebook from 5pm today – UKMALAYALEE

Live instrumental music by Keralite children from Stoke-On-Trent on Facebook from 5pm today

Tuesday 28 July 2020 3:11 AM UTC

Kurian George (UUKMA Samskarika Vedhi National Coordinator)

LONDON July 28: Four talented schoolchildren from Stoke-on-Trent will perform today (Tuesday 28th July 2020) on Facebook Live as part of UUKMA’s “Let’s break it together” campaign to support health workers in the UK.

The talented kids are Rosemary Benny, Teresa Mathachan, George Mathachan and Lis Maria Mathachan

Brothers Theresa Mathachan, George Mathachan, Liz Maria Mathachan and friend Rose Mary Benny from Stoke will perform together on Tuesday 28th July at 5 PM (9.30pm Indian time) to complete the musical marvel of music.

Theresa will be performing on the violin, George will be on Piano, Lis Maria on Chello and Rosemary will recite Flute.

The main attraction of this live show is the artistic performances of the talents who are able to express their art on different musical instruments. But there will also be opportunities to present a variety of other fascinating art forms, including comedy shows.

Rex Band, a well-known singer in the UK, joins Rex Jose of the UK and JoJo Thomas of JJ Audios to provide technical assistance to the performers. The minimum time required to perform is twenty minutes.

A minimum of five minutes long video clip of the event should be sent to WhatsApp number 07846747602.

The organizers of the event will be notified in advance as per the decision of the Organizing Committee.

UUKMA President Manoj Kumar Pillai and General Secretary Alex Varghese, Vice President Eby Sebastian, called on UUKMA Cultural Forum to give every possible encouragement and success to the live art show “Let’s Break It Together” presented by talented children under the auspices of the UUKMA Cultural Forum to pay tribute to health workers around the world.

UUKMA Cultural Vedhi Patron CA Joseph, National Coordinator Kurian George, Vice Chairman Joy Augusty, General Convenors Jaison George and Thomas Marattukalam will oversee the event.

For more information about the program, please contact CA Joseph (07846747602), or Kurian George (07877348602).

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