Western Australia delegation to hold job fairs in UK from Feb 25 to recruit nurses, doctors, teachers with higher pay (Details) – UKMALAYALEE

Western Australia delegation to hold job fairs in UK from Feb 25 to recruit nurses, doctors, teachers with higher pay (Details)

Saturday 18 February 2023 6:37 PM UTC

LONDON Feb 17: A delegation from Western Australia is coming to the UK on February 25 to recruit police officers, nurses and a range of other workers by hosting job fairs. Police and Defence Industry Minister Paul Papalia is leading the group of industry figures to recruit for more than 30,000 job vcancies in Western Australia.

Minister Papalia said: “We are here to steal your workers by offering them a better life in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Western Australia is a fantastic place to live and work. Our wages are higher and our cost of living is lower. Our health system is world class. You will be taken care of.

“Most of Perth’s population lives a short drive from the beach, where parking is free. There are no tolls on our roads. We don’t have anything close to what would be considered a traffic jam by UK standards. And if you don’t want to drive, public transport is also capped. The most you’ll ever pay for a one-way ticket anywhere is £2.86. That’s all it will cost you to get a train from the airport to the city centre.

“And we have free buses in our entertainment precincts and business district. Perth is a beautiful, clean and vibrant city, with food, bars, pubs and restaurants to cater to all tastes. If you’re into sports, you’ll love Perth. Our stadium was voted the best in the world. The culinary scene is world class, the small bars plentiful, we have pubs and live music and theatre of all sorts.”

Nurses are able to earn almost three-fifths more in Western Australia than in the UK, according to the politicians from Perth, with average workers in the state taking home some of the highest average wages in the country. Car industry staff could double their income, they claimed, while secondary school teachers are on the equivalent of £52,567.

Australian energy bills are also much lower, with average household bills about half the level of the UK government’s capped rate, even with average houses more than double the size of their British counterparts. Median rental prices in Perth are the local currency equivalent of £316 a month.

Then there is the weather. The Aussie state has 3,200 hours of sunshine a year, with most of Perth a short drive away from the beach. Papalia and his colleagues are due to touch down in London in a month with an average rainfall of 3.9 millimetres and two of hours sunshine a day generating an average daytime temperature of 6.3 degrees Celsius.

As well as in London, jobs fairs will be held in Edinburgh, Bristol and Dublin.