UK career fair for healthcare workers to be held in Kochi from Nov 21-25: Details and How to Apply Here – UKMALAYALEE

UK career fair for healthcare workers to be held in Kochi from Nov 21-25: Details and How to Apply Here

Monday 7 November 2022 9:47 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

KOCHI Nov 6: NORKA Roots, in association with Navigo, Humber & North Yorkshire Integrated Health and Care Partnership will bring health and care employers from UK under one roof offering various opportunities by organizing a recruitment fair for healthcare professionals in Kochi from November 21 to 25 November 2022.

Interested candidates should apply before November 12, 2022.

The positions for which recruitment are held are: Psychiatric Speciality Doctors, Social Workers, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Terapist, Children’s Speech and Language Therapist, Radiographers, Dietician, Pharmacist, Physiotherapists, Senior carers, support workers, Adult nurses, community nurse, mental health nurse, pediatric nurses.

To know more about How to apply for the UK Careers Fayre to be held in Kochi from November 21-25, read the following instructions carefully:

Click To Visit Digital Workforce Management System of Government of Kerala (for Desktop/Laptop users)

Or Download DWMS Connect App from Playstore (For Mobile Users)

Register and create candidate profile through DWMS connect app or through DWMS web portal :

Already registered candidates can login using their registered mail ID credentials.

Complete the profile by entering the general details, Education, Experience, Skills.

From Dashboard, click on KKEM Direct Job Openings Click on Explore More→click on the Norka Roots UK Careers Fayre

All the job vacancies for the job fair will be displayed and based on the educational qualification and experience, apply against the posts.

Initial screening will be based on the Language proficiency test (English Score) available in DWMS.

Language Proficiency CEFR score to qualify for the job fair are B2/ C1/ C2

Go to Home page Click on English Skill Assessment under Career Support Services

Read the instructions and download English Score app from Playstore to DWMS registered candidates can take the test unlimited number of times freely by using the referral code DWMS8734.  But note that Certificates can be downloaded only once and when the candidate click Download the test certificate certificate will be uploaded to DWMS to be verified by Norka HR Team, till then candidate can take screenshot of test result.

Selected candidates will get 4 months’ time to submit their valid IELTS or OET Certificates to NORKA Roots for VISA Processing.

Doctors can choose ‘International Medical Fellowship Scheme/ Sponsorship Route’ so that that it is not necessary to pass PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board)

BSc/ MSc Nursing graduates can be selected as Senior Carers and the status can be converted as Registered Nurse when they clear OET/IELTS exams or through a sponsorship route after serving relevant years in the UK.

Watch below video for creating a profile in DWMS platform

FAQ for participants:

1. Can I apply without IELTS or OET score?
Ans: Yes

For Senior Carers / Support Workers

But should have UK NARIC Certificate obtained from Visas and Nationality Services ( required in the absence of a language certificate. For completing UK Naric process please visit

However, for screening purposes, the candidate should have to test their English proficiency in DWMS Connect Android mobile App of Government of Kerala ( Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission).

For Categories other than Senior Carers

It is not mandatory for IELTS or OET score for getting selected to this programme. But that doesn’t mean one can work in the UK without a language score. However, If the Employer is satisfied with the performance in the interviews, then the candidate will be given an offer letter, subiect to the condition that the selected candidate shall produce a language certificate within 4 months. However, for screening purposes, the candidate should have to test their English proficiency in DWMS Connect Android mobile App of Government of Kerala (Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission) if they don’t have a language proficiency certificate.

2. Can the participants choose an employer or will they be assigned a job?

A. Participants are asked where they would like to work. Based on these criteria, a suitable employer is selected.

3. Can the participants/ candidate indicate in which city or region in The UK they would like to work?

The work place will be within the Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care System.

4. As an Indian national, do you need a work permit in the UK? Who takes care of the application?

A. Yes, a work permit is required.

Participants will receive information regarding documents required.

5. How do you get an embassy appointment? Who takes care of the visa application?

A. Norka Roots, Navigo, Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership will provide guidance.

6. Who pays for the flight ticket to the UK?

A. The flight ticket is paid for by the employers.

7. Will the candidates deploying to the UK be provided with accommodation?

A. The employer makes all necessary arrangements for an initial lodging at an economic rate. The rent is borne by the participants.

8. What happens if the candidate will not produce a mandatory certificate proving their English proficiency within the period of 4 months?

The offer will automatically be cancelled.

9. How many hours does a health professional have to work and are there days off?

37.5 hours per week (depending on the collective bargaining agreement).

10. How many days of vacation per year do the participants have and how often are they allowed to fly home?

A. There are around 28 days of annual leave per year. Usually, there are even more days. Everyone is free to decide what to do during their annual leave (in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement).

11. Will the salary continue to be paid in the event of illness?

As per the UK laws

12. Do employees from other nations have the same rights as employees who are UK citizens?

A. Yes, they have. There is no discrimination.

13. In which institutions can you work as a health care professional in the UK?

A. In the UK, health care professionals can work in hospitals, in nursing homes for the elderly and in care facilities for people with special restrictions or special needs.

14. Who do the participants contact in case of problems with the employer?

A. In the UK, problems in the workplace are usually discussed directly between the employee and the employer.

15. Can the employee bring her /his family to the UK?

B. Family reunification is possible. The criteria for this are provided by the UK government.

16. Do the participants be charged for the entire exercise?

A. No. Employers pay for the costs.

17. How are the participants selected?

A. The agreement spells out the professional and personal criteria for eligible candidates. These are assessed in an interview and in a verification process. A personal consultation and selection interview will be conducted with eligible candidates.

18. If the candidate had a break in her /his career due to personal issues/unavoidable reasons, is he/she eligible to participate in the selection process?

A. Yes. However an employer would not prefer candidate having career break for longer period. Hence, it’s advisable to continue with current employment till he/she finds a better offer.

19. When shall the candidates arrive at the venue?

A. Candidates have to arrive at the venue 1 hour before the scheduled time of interview with all relevant documents related to Educational

Qualifications, Experience certificate, Date of Birth etc.

20. Do the senior carers require to pass OET/IELTS after reaching the UK?

No. Only when they wanted to change the status of Job as a Registered Nurse.

21. Can a Pharmacist work in the UK with an Indian Degree?

No. One has to undergo Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme at one’s expenses

For further enquiries contact 1800-425-3939 Missed call 8802012345 Website