Keralite student gets cheated by ‘property agent’ in UK: Case filed with UK Police, Kerala Police (Video) – UKMALAYALEE

Keralite student gets cheated by ‘property agent’ in UK: Case filed with UK Police, Kerala Police (Video)

Monday 23 January 2023 8:39 AM UTC

LONDON Jan 23: A Keralite student got cheated by Malayalee property agents in Luton recently. The Keralite student who arrived in the UK to do her studies at the Hertfordshire University lost her deposit money which she gave to a Malayalee property agent in Luton in UK.

Prior to coming to the UK, she made contacts with the Malayalee community members in the UK through Whatsapp where she was led to a Malayalee agent who agreed to let her have a room in a house to rent when she arrives in the UK.

The agent then asked the student to transfer the deposit money of Rs60,000 to a south Indian bank account in Kerala for which the account holder was another Malayalee, who was a friend of the actual agent. The deposit of Rs60,000 was paid into the agent’s friend’s account on 27th July 2022 for the tenancy for Hitchin Rd Luton LU2 7UL to start on 10th September 2022.

The Keralite student couldnt arrive in the UK on time and also due to change of cirumstances she let the Malayalee agent in Luton know that she is unable to arrive on time and therefore he could rent the proeprty to someone else. This was duly informed to the Malayalee agent much before the 10th Septemberr 2022 date. However, the agent was not willing to return the money to the Keralite student.

Later it was learnt that the Malayalee agent took money from other students and he never returned this money. The Keralite student reveals it all into The Migration Stories, published by Listen to the first episode below. The second edition will be released on Sunday January 29. Do not forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel for latest news on migration.