Kerala government steps in to support Non Resident Keralites all over the world – UKMALAYALEE

Kerala government steps in to support Non Resident Keralites all over the world

Saturday 11 April 2020 2:02 AM UTC

LONDON April 11: As part of its efforts to help and support its own people living outside Kerala during the Covid pandemic, the Kerala government has launched several new initiatives.

Although help-desks were opened in only five countries, mostly in the Middle East, the services offered by the government will reach out to all its people in other countries through the Norka Roots website and through the Kerala Loka Sabha units based there.

Medical Advise

Non Resident Keralites all over the world can make use of the online and tele-medicine consultation services by logging onto the Norka Roots website They can also utilise the video-conference and tele-consultation services related to coronavirus from medical experts back home.

Prominent doctors of various specialties are made available to answer the queries and provide medical guidance. The contact numbers of the doctors available in each specialty are also published on the website. The service is available through Norka Roots website from 2pm to 6pm in India (9am to 1pm UK time). For someone to access this service they will have to register their details by choosing the service they require by logging onto their website or where you will be able to view all the services made available to the Non Resident Keralites all over the world.

Insurance, airfare discount for students: According to reports Kerala government has also launched a registration and insurance protection scheme for Malayalee students going abroad for higher studies.

This applies for students who have been studying or working abroad for more than six months.

With the introduction of the Norka Roots Overseas Student Registration facility, students will from now on be provided with ID cards so that the government has information on all students travelling for studies abroad.

The government also plan to give incentives, including discounts in airfare in tie-up with certain airlines.

More details of this has been worked out and this service will be published in detail on the Norka Roots website soon.