Lok Kerala Sabha UK unit forms group with representations from UK Malayalee community – UKMALAYALEE

Lok Kerala Sabha UK unit forms group with representations from UK Malayalee community

Saturday 11 April 2020 1:57 AM UTC

LONDON April 11: The Lok Kerala Sabha UK unit sprung into action immediately after the wrath of the Covid pandemic started to spread out its ugly wings in the UK.

With the knowledge that the community organisations are in forefront in addressing the UK Malayalee communities concerns in general they focused their work towards supporting the stranded students.

Lok Kerala Sabha UK unit set up an online Control Room with two representatives from most of the active organizations in the UK.

LKS UK also has included professionals from various streams of work on a national level where issues and matters concerning the students could be raised with the UK government and the Indian High Commission in London.

This was followed with information gathering on the number of students through an online Google form circulated within the community through various groups and associations. This helped LKS to gauge the number of students affected by the Covid pandemic situation.

LKS soon found that there were more than 250 students who will require some form of assistance at this difficult times. LKS soon gained the support of the various organisations and soon found working together with them to address the various issues faced by the students in different parts of the UK.

Representatives from organizations in the LKS control room started to contact five to ten students daily from the database. A special committee of women were too put in place to contact the girls every day to identify if they or anyone they knew had contracted the infection.

All students were given a case number due to data protection and information sharing restrictions. Volunteers were instructed to fill out the returned feedbacks to the google form with the corresponding numbers.

Lok Kerala Sabha UK officials began their work by starting to liaise with the various community organisations including Malayalee doctors and nurses to have the support provided to the students those who have approached them.

The immediate need for the students were food and also medical assistance to those who contracted the disease. Food was made available to them through the community organisations and medical advice were given through the doctors and nurses who are volunteering for Lok Kerala Sabha UK.

Anyone who is in distress or know anyone who are experiencing difficulties please click in this form and a volunteer will contact you https://bit.ly/34v74eI