Croydon Malayalees launch Onam 2022 skit “Balettan’s UK Onam” (Video) – UKMALAYALEE

Croydon Malayalees launch Onam 2022 skit “Balettan’s UK Onam” (Video)

Thursday 8 September 2022 7:22 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

CROYDON Sept 8: A group of Malayalees from Croydon has launched an Onam skit titled “Balettan’s UK Onam” to celebrate Onam 2022.

The storyline of “Balettan’s UK Onam”, produced by Croydon Malayalee team, goes around Balettan’s Onam day events and nostalgic hallucinations even though he’s refusing to do the routine chores of a typical UK Malayalee.

The skit shows traditional Kerala dances like Mohiniyattam, Thiruvathira, Pulikali etc.

It also portrays an eye catching western dance sequences shot at Buckingham Palace, Westminster and London Bridge.

The script and music is done by Rajesh Naroth, cinematography and editing by Jayaraj D, and directed by Nazirbabu & Shah VH.