UK Malayalee from Newham arrested by police while attempting to meet 11 year old girl in sting operation by Scorpion Hunters UK – UKMALAYALEE

UK Malayalee from Newham arrested by police while attempting to meet 11 year old girl in sting operation by Scorpion Hunters UK

Friday 2 August 2019 8:11 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter
LONDON Aug 2, 2019: Police have arrested a Malayalee from Newham in London accused of grooming and attempting to meet a 11-year-old girl for sex followed by a ‘paedophile hunter’ sting operation carried out by Scorpion Hunters UK on Sunday 28 July 2019.

The Malayalee, appeared in court yesterday (31 July 2019), where he was charged and remanded in custody until his Crown Court appearance at the end of August 2019, Scorpion Hunters UK’s Facebook page post said.

Online groups like Scorpion Hunters UK use what they call “decoys” to pose as underage children online and wait to be contacted by adults. They then converse privately with adults and identify those attempting to groom young people.

Individuals are then tracked down, the confrontation is often recorded or streamed Live on social media and police are called. In this instance Scorpion Hunters UK recorded the confrontation and posted on Facebook.

The targets are always made aware of the child’s age at the start of the chat, so there’s no misconception about how old the child is. Decoys class themselves as child protectors – if a potential predator is talking to a decoy, they aren’t talking to a real child.

‘Sarah’ of Predator Exposure told the BBC that she spent hours replying to messages which often contain explicit language, photos and videos.  “I set a new decoy up one night, by the next morning I had had 180 friend requests, mostly from men.

We are only touching the tip of the iceberg, it’s right across social media. Even if we just take 20 out, those 20 aren’t going to be child rapists”, she said.

Do you know anyone who may be acting suspiciously with children?
Scorpion Hunters UK Facebook says the following:
Attention all parents.

We, along with other hunting teams, get messages on a daily basis to say that you have discovered your children have been groomed or had contact with a predator.

If you find yourself in this position, please follow these important steps in order to help bring the abuser to justice.

– Please remove your childs access to the device that they have been contacted on.

– Contact the police immediately on 101, making a note of the date, time, officers details and the reference for the call.

– Please refrain from posting on any form of social media or making contact with the predator. Although justified, this in fact serves to assist the predator in destroying evidence.

– Contact a local hunting team who you trust.

– Please do not send any screenshots unless we ask. Depending on the

content of the chats, you you could in fact find yourself in trouble for distributing images that are prohibited, regardless of your well natured intentions.

– Please remember, we cannot place a decoy onto a predator due to legal restrictions. Contact your local team and we will support you and run through the options.

If you are affected by this issue and would like to discuss this in confidence please message the page.

Kind regards
SCORPION are proud members of a UK wide safeguarding team along with Simply Decoys, North West Hebephile Hunters and Justice for the Tears.
The above was published in the best interest of protecting innocent children from abuse and also raising awareness among the community in in order for innocent children to be freed from such predators.