KALA UK’s Annual Day on Oct 26: Packed with visual and aesthetic delight: Must Attend Show – UKMALAYALEE

KALA UK’s Annual Day on Oct 26: Packed with visual and aesthetic delight: Must Attend Show

Monday 7 October 2019 5:30 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Oct 7: Kerala Arts & Literary Association (UK) will host their 23rd Annual Day on Saturday, October 26, 2019 at Centenary Theatre Berkhamsted School Berkhamsted HP4 3BG.

KALA takes great pride in promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Kerala and perseveres to this end by identifying and honouring the most outstanding of the artists in Kerala.

This year KALA focuses on the ancient traditions of the temple art forms by awarding the Kalapuraskaram 2019 (sponsored by Bristol Laboratories Ltd.) to Dr Indu G, a world- renowned exponent of Nangyar Koothu and choosing Sri Margi Madhu, their first ever recipient of Kalapuraskaram for services to Koodiyattam, as the Guest of Honour.

Nangyar Koothu is an ancient dance form, which is unique in that, it is exclusively the domain of female solo performers. It is performed with the purpose of attuning the audience emotionally to the main rasa of the protagonist.

It will be followed by Koodiyattam. Dr Indu will perform this art form and further exposit it during the interactive session – Mukhamukham.

Chakyar Koothu is another Keralan temple art KALA are presenting this year. With his incisive wit, the chakyar served as a social commentator, protected by privilege that no one is outside the purview of his critical examination.Sri Margi Madhu, a foremost proponent of the art form, will elicit the wit and wisdom of Chakyar koothu for KALA audience.

This year KALA will honour Justice K S Radhakrishnan Panicker, Member Of Commonwealth Secretariat Arbitral Tribunal, London, as our Chief Guest.

Before getting this international recognition, he served as a judge of the Supreme Court of India, prior to which, he served as the Chief Justice of the Gujarat and Jammu & Kashmir High Courts.

During his tenure, he has issued judgements which ensured equality for transgender persons and protection to animals from cruel sports.  This year’s Program Highlights:

Krishnapatham (Krishna’s path – കൃഷ്ണപഥം) in four steps presents a distinctive interpretation of human progress and relevance of Krishna’s life to it through the eyes of Ashwadhaama, one of the seven immortals, who could have watched us as we move towards self-destruction. As the actors lead you down Krishna’s path, you will witness phases in his life: Balyam (childhood), Kaumaram (adolescence), Yauvanam (young adulthood) and Vaardhakyam (old age) and you will experience the different rasas associated with these phases.

KALA Youth will present a dance adaptation of Rasa Leela as part of the Krishnapatham production.

For the first time KALA has included a modern entertainment program into its annual day in an attempt to foster the fusion of heritage with contemporary. Ventriloquism is the art of throwing one’s voice and an expert can do that with hilarious results.

Sam Jones is a skilled ventriloquist and will entertain during the main program as well as with close-up magic during the refreshment period before the main program. Sam was a semi finalist in Britain’s Got Talent 2014 with his loveable puppet Baby Leo.

The Palmleaf – KALA’s ISSN accredited magazine, published twice annually. A complimentary copy will be available for collection on annual day.

Brief Programme Schedule

02:45 – 04:00 Reception & Refreshments
04:00 – 06:45 Pre-dinner programmes
06:45 – 08:15 Dinner with wine
08:15 – 10:30 Post-dinner programmes
Admissions by passes only. Free car parking.
For details, contact Mony Kochupillai 07782324709, Renuka Nair 07816959424

Book your passes at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kala-annual-day-2019-tickets-63538149315
Creativity, be it art, literature or expression through some other form has the ability to exhilarate, enthrall and expand the mind. KALA hopes it would enrich their lives as UK Malayalees.

Kerala Arts & Literary Association (KALA) was the result, which came into being in October 1996. 2021 is KALA’s Silver Jubilee. For more details about KALA and its activities please

visit our website http://www.kala.org.uk
To book your tickets visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kala-annual-day-2019-tickets-63538149315

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