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Recruitment Expo 2020: Future of agency office management made easy: Log in easily with Logezy

Monday 27 January 2020 10:08 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Jan 27: Without an efficient office management software, a business will risk losing man hours and time leading to restraining an entrepreneur from him moving to branch his business or venture into new business.

Having a software management system that is at your finger tips that will help you to track you business will help you to manage your business from whichever part of the world you are.

Logezy Ltd is a new software venture booming in the field of health care management with all the latest technology that uses cutting edge technology for your business to be ahead of the game in the fast growing business world.

With previous successes in the past years, Logezy is coming back to attend the Recruitment Agency Expo 2020, UK’s biggest event for recruiters featuring a cutting-edge exposition of more than 100 vendors exhibiting the latest tools, technologies and services, to be held at Olympia London on February 4 and 5, 2020.

Logezy is the brainchild of young and upcoming entrepreneur Seby Babu, a Non Resident Indian from the United Kingdom, who has been accorded various recognitions for successful startups in the last few years which included the UKM Business Awards for Best Innovation in Healthcare awarded to him in Kent in 2019.

What is Logezy?
Logezy is a temporary staff management software with immense flexible options, that helps you manage your entire office – clients, employees, projects, documents, time, communications and more. It has been mostly utilised and successfully adapted by several offices, nursing agencies that focus on temporary staff recruitment.

When its used for offices or nursing agencies, Logezy easily allows to manage shifts, vacancies, invoices, timesheets compliance and many more. All of it can be made at your finger tip and can be made easily available for you to log in from any part of the world.

Speaking on the sidelines of the UKM Business Awards Seby Babu said: “Achieving a way to minimize the work load in the office management is the sole aim of Logezy. Time is precious and your precious time is to be invested in taking care of your company, rather than spending in front of a pile of paper work. The moment was an eye opener to the possibilities of a system to manage the whole agency. The process resulted in a refined and efficient product called Logezy”.

Expo 2019

“Expo 2019 happened in the early days of Logezy. It is a fact that the acquaintances Logezy gained from this experience benefitted the development and transformation of the software itself besides a number of start up entrepreneurs. With huge pride and happiness Logezy maintains the relationships with large nursing agency clients like Oncall Care Services, Bit Health care, Casgo connections etc who has experienced a positive impact and thereby making their work life a little bit easier, Seby said.

Focus for Expo 2020
Logezy has successfully launched the 3rd version recently with numerous new features. Taking part in the Expo 2020, for Logezy is to focus on finding businesses who would benefit from having an efficient system besides discovering other areas of requirement like marketing, back office management, compliance, staff training etc where this company can be a huge role of support.

Logezy also look forward on presenting its support for passionate entrepreneurs who are awaiting to set their foot in a new journey, who are wanting to start their own agency or a new company, who are waiting to get a bit of guidance on where to or how to start.

Logezy is rich in friendly experienced consultants who are ready to have those initial conversations with you; answer the questions you might have. Hence if you are someone who has been planning to launch your own agency, or looking to take your company one step further, or merely wanting to get some information on this subject, follow the link below to contact Logezy.

Would you like to get associated with Logezy or partner in its new ventures. The don’t hesitate. Just leave a message or ring 07446960179 or visit Let Logezy make your dream a reality. Logezy happily awaits the exciting possibilities and acquaintances Expo 2020 is going to reveal.