Meet Sajida who pleads with Air India staff to give her friend’s mother a ticket to Kochi: Good samaritan AI staff grants it – UKMALAYALEE

Meet Sajida who pleads with Air India staff to give her friend’s mother a ticket to Kochi: Good samaritan AI staff grants it

Sunday 14 June 2020 3:55 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON June 13: Obtaining a ticket onto one of the Air India repatriation flights scheduled for June 18, 24 or 30th from LOndon to Kochi are like once in a lifetime prize. It would take ages to get tickets sorted out due to the mad scramble when several are trying at the same time to book the tickets instantaneously.

Here we have a simple kind gesture on how members from the Malayalees Stranded in UK Whatsapp group are helping out each other even after them obtaining a ticket for themselves.

“Can you please give me one more ticket for my friend’s elderly mom”, Sajida pleaded with the Air India staff just after her obtaining two tickets for her elderly parents.

Air India staff checked the priority list and said her friend’s mom’s name is on the list but how will the money be paid? Sajida didnt hesitate and agreed to pay the money straightaway.

Sajida had Air India staff on one hand and rang her friend Sherin straightaway and told her that she has Air India on hold and is she okay with her mother flying for June 30th? Sherin exclaimed, “please book it, please book”.

Sajida paid the money to Air India and secured all the three tickets and now awiting for the next formalities to take place with Air India sending the tickets online and receiving all the confirmation.

Speaking to this website Sajida said:”I didnt think twice because whenever I was trying to ring Air India for tickets for my elderly parents I had Sherin’s mother too in my mind.”

On being asked whether she knew Sherin before, she said, I have not seen Sherin at all,  I came to know about her only through the Whatsapp group “Malayalees Stranded in UK”. I saw Anoop and Sanjay doing so much work here by sharing and helping.

I too thought to chip in. I saw Sherin probing with queries on how to secure a ticket for her elderly mother and from then I kept her in my mind as I could book maximum three tickets.

Finally the moment of reckoning came when I got hold of Air India and I was all excited to secure the tickets for my parents and then I didnt finish it there. I straightaway pleaded with the staff. I can defintely say that the Air India staff was exceptionally birlliant as the staff members was so helpful.

She took the details and ensured that Sherin’s mother was on the list of priority category. And thus it worked out well for her and me.

On being asked whether she will be exiting the Malayalees Stranded in UK group Sajida said: “Not at all. I will be there with Anoop and Sanjay as long as they want me to be there. I will share all my experiences and also guide those helpless and those who are not getting anywhere.”

On speaking to this website Sherin said: “I am grateful to Sajida who booked the ticket for my mother. And it’s really nice to see there are people who helps others without thinking twice. Even the Air India staff thought we both know each for long time.

We became friends only a week ago through this group (Malayalees Stranded in UK). I am also greatful to Anoop and Sanjay who created such a group where we can share our worries and help each other”.

Sajida is a Maths teacher in Stratford and she is from Kannur in Kerala.

This website had to force Sajida to carry her name as she was least interested in her name being published. Finally after much cajoling she agreed.

Good deeds need to be praised and its such simple gesture of goodwill is what we all humans are here for in this world. Let there be more Sajidas in the world.