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Kozhikode fastest growing city, UN Habitat report says

Monday 29 July 2019 6:11 AM UTC

Kozhikode July 29: A study conducted by UN Habitat and Lincoln School of Land Policy with cooperation of New York University has picked Kozhikode as the fastest growing city in the country.

Kozhikode tops among 16 fastest growing cities of India. During the sample period of 2001 to 2014, Kozhikode witnessed tremendous growth both in terms of spatial area and population.

Multiple factors including intra-state migration and variation in the land use following boom in real estate are attributed for the cause of the growth.

Population of the city rose to 11,71,852 in 2014 from 4,40,243 to 11, 71, 852 in 2001. In terms of spatial growth, urban area expanded from 3,316 hectares to 23,641 hectares during the same period.

Belagavi stands second to Kozhikode in the list of fastest growing Indian cities.