Keralite nurse comes to the rescue of elderly on board Vande Bharath flight to New Delhi – UKMALAYALEE

Keralite nurse comes to the rescue of elderly on board Vande Bharath flight to New Delhi

Friday 11 September 2020 7:06 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

KOCHI Sept 11: Keralite nurses are unconditional and unexceptional at difficult times when it comes to helping the ill and needy or when saving lives. The call for duty to them is like godsend and they don’t think twice.

Here we have a noble deed of a Keralite nurse who was on her way from Canada to New Delhi along with her husband onboard the Air India Vande Bharath Mission flight.

Few hours after the plane took off, an elderly woman from Punjab began to show signs of discomfort. Immediately, the flight crew announced that if there were any doctors or nurses among the passengers, they should come forward and help.

Shintu Jose, a young woman living in Canada, came forward to take care of the woman without forgetting her nursing responsibilities while under the scare of the Covid pandemic. Shintu’s husband Shinto Stephen was too supportive for his wife to go ahead with such a noble deed.

The plane, which was flying over the skies of Italy at the time, flew towards Delhi, avoiding an abrupt landing on Shintu’s instructions. With Shintu’s care, the woman regained her health within a short span of time.

The flight crew thanked the Malayalee couple for their exemplary service.

Shintu was soon seen to be showered praises and applause by the air passengers and the crew.

Shintu is from Thodupuzha and Shinto Stephen is from Kanhangad in Kerala and both live and work in London, Ontario in Canada.

Shintu Jose is daughter of Alappad NM Joseph Mrs Eliamma Joseph. Shinto Stephen is the son of Stephen and Ansy.