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Indian cancer cases up by 300% in 2018, says official data

Tuesday 5 November 2019 4:42 AM UTC

NEW DELHI, Nov 5: The number of Cancer cases, including oral, cervical and breast cancer, rose by over 300 percent in India between 2017 and 2018, a latest official data has revealed.

According to the data, out of the 65 million people who visited the NCD clinics for screening, 160,000 were diagnosed with one of the cancers, as compared to 39,635 cases diagnosed in 2017.

Most of these cases were diagnosed at the Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) clinics run by the Indian government, said the data compiled by the National Health Profile-2019.

The most number of cancer cases were reported from the western state of Gujarat, followed by southern states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana and eastern state of West Bengal.

In Gujarat alone, around 72,169 cancer cases were registered in 2018, as compared to 3939 cases in 2017.

The steep rise in cancer cases was attributed to rapidly changing lifestyle, including stress, food habits, and consumption of tobacco products and alcohol.

According to a report in “The Times of India”, doctors strongly recommend breastfeeding to counter the incidence of breast cancer among women.