FEFKA says Anil Radhakrishnan didn’t insult Bineesh on basis of caste – UKMALAYALEE

FEFKA says Anil Radhakrishnan didn’t insult Bineesh on basis of caste

Tuesday 5 November 2019 4:33 AM UTC

KOCHI: Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) has come out with the explanation that director Anil Radhakrishnan had not condemned actor Bineesh Bastin on the basis of his caste.

“The mix-up between the community and caste factor in the reporting of the issue created the whole problem,” FEFKA general secretary B Unnikrishnan said.

He was speaking to media after a mediation talk held by FEFKA with Bineesh and Anil.

“No one in the college felt that Anil had made any cattiest remark against Bineesh. But the latter has informed us that he will not act in the former’s film. We regret for having dragged caste factor into the issue.

FEFKA is not willing to make any comment on the allegation that Anil refused to share the stage with Bineesh but we evaluate the fact that Anil was not cautious enough. However, this issue has been settled as Anil had tendered his apology, he said.

FEFKA also criticized its executive members for making public comments over the issue. Anil sir is one of my favourite directors’, Bineesh’s old video goes viral.

Actor Bineesh Bastin sparked a controversy recently by alleging that director Anil Radhakrishnan Menon had refused to share the stage with him during a college function in Palakkad.

The incident occurred at the Palakkad Medical College where Bineesh was seen protesting on the stage where Anil was delivering a speech.

As the controversy is heating up, an old video of the actor has surfaced on social media. The video shows Bineesh praising the director during a conversation with a friend. He says, “Anil sir is one of my favourite directors. Whenever we meet, he comes and talks to me.”

Bineesh Bastin’s protest was un-parliamentary: Balachandra Menon

Film personality Balachandra Menon has opined that actor Bineesh Bastin’s protest in a public stage was un-parliamentary. The incident made him popular. He was taking to the media during his visit to Bahrain.

As the controversy about him refusing to share the stage with actor Bineesh Bastin…

“It is not right to do a sit-in on a stage while someone else is speaking and then do another speech”, he said.He asked whether it’s right to do this in front of an audience. “There should be respect for the audience.

This is not something to do on a public stage”, Balachandra Menon said.“During my initial stages, I had to starve in Madras. If it’s written in the horoscope, it will happen.

But I never tried to generate sympathy with that. What does cinema have to do with starvation? I saw two videos of Bineesh Bastin with that director-one with the recent incident and another one in which he praises the director”, he added.

“Someone wants to have some problem. I’m not sure who the related person to this is”, Balachandra Menon said.

“The incident got such big importance as the actor called out that he is not ‘Menon’. This looks like an attempt to get noticed. Many big persons reacted to this”, he opined.

“This incident came when the Walayar issue was still undecided. We can only say that India is secular. Caste is applicable in all practical matters and even candidates are decided based on that.

With the suffix ‘Menon’ I was never recognized or ignored in the cinema field”, he added.