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Global Solidarity Campaign starts on Palm Sunday for 3 weekends: Place a leaf cross on your front door

Thursday 2 April 2020 11:50 PM UTC

By Alison Rebello

NEWCASTLE April 3: As the world is in lockdown we see a close knit family life in action within the four walls of our little universe simply called Home.

Home is where the heart is, so even if we are not able to express our faith by going to church, temple, mosque, synagogue, gurudwara, or other holy places of worship, let’s make our home a living shrine for the next 3 weekends at least.

As Christians all over the world enter the most important phase of their faith life, the culmination of Lenten season, I challenge everyone to pluck a green leaf  from your own garden, shape it like a cross, and place it in your front door on Palm Sunday (April 5) to signify the event, even as you are in spiritual communion.

Be creative and post a photo of it in your social media accounts, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even on WhatsApp and by post to the elderly and vulnerable, so it makes them and the world happy, in Covid times.

That will be nothing less than a faith in action initiative which we can stretch it to the following two Sunday’s.

On Easter (April 12) you can place Easter lilies or any flowers in your front door and on the following Sunday (April 19) it is Divine Mercy Sunday when you can paste a Divine Mercy card in front of your door to signify the occasion.

To all my friends of other faith who are not able to visit their places of holy worship, I request you to place a green leaf on your doors on April 5 in solidarity with your Christian friends and on Easter Sunday perhaps place any flower that you have in your little/big garden.

In the following Sunday on April 19 you can place any sign or symbol of your own faith to show the world that your home is your first place of worship. It is the place where all faiths flourish, nourish and comes to fruition.

I invite all my friends and family to spread this message as far and wide as possible and I wish to see the creative side of the world.

I appeal everyone to join me in making it a global solidarity campaign and post photos to friends, in social media platforms and to loved ones by post too, and celebrate life at home in this uncertain times.

Please copy, paste and add your signature line underneath and spread this news around, as I have done here below:

Posted by Alison Rebello from United Kingdom: An Indian at heart, British by citizenship, Catholic Christian by faith and an advocate of equality among human beings!