Congress MP’s Wife Apologises For “Fate Like Rape” Post Amid Outrage – UKMALAYALEE

Congress MP’s Wife Apologises For “Fate Like Rape” Post Amid Outrage

Wednesday 23 October 2019 4:32 AM UTC

KOCHI Oct 23: A Congress MP’s wife in Kerala has provoked waves of anger with a social media post comparing “fate” with rape. Anna Linda Eden, a media professional who had actively campaigned for her husband Hibi Eden in the national election, has apologized and deleted her post after a barrage of criticism.
“Fate is like rape. If you can’t resist it then try to enjoy it,” Ms Eden had posted on Monday, along with two video clips of her family coping with floods in Ernakulam. In one clip, her child was being rescued from their flooded home in a rescue float and in the second, her husband Hibi Eden was seen eating out later that day.

Amid spiraling criticism, Ms Eden said today: “… I understand that my social media post is being discussed in a way that I had not intended and the hurt it causes those who have had to undergo such trauma in life….As a wife of a people’s representative I have always tried to understand the problems of the people and to be with them. I am really sad that my post created such a misunderstanding.

I apologise for this.”
Hibi Eden won his debut parliamentary election in May from the Ernakulam constituency. Yesterday, Kochi was flooded after sudden showers. That is when Ms Eden put out her widely criticized post.

“Kerala Congress MP Hibi Eden’s wife, Anna Eden’s Facebook post. The caption encapsulates a sick mentality. This shit cannot be tolerated. This makes me extremely angry and disgusted. She’s a law student. Sick!”, a twitter user Arya Suresh said

“As per an MP’s wife the rains are nothing but fate so enjoy it…. while many are in relief camps. She compares it to rape. Wah!

No wonder nothing ever changes…those in power enjoys despite everything.. #AnnaEden “, said another user