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Fight erupts between Keralite students at University in UK

Saturday 26 February 2022 8:36 AM UTC

File picture of a fight in a Kerala campus

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Feb 26: Two groups of Keralites students got into a fight at a university in the UK, students from the university informed this website.

The university also has a good number of Malayalee students from various parts of India.

Latest news reports say that a group of Malayalee students went to question another group of Malayalee students for misbehaving with a girl student.

The questioning ensued into a fight between the two groups.

One group of Keralite students, who say they are victims, are looking to initiate action against the perpetrators.

There are also news that the two groups are still at loggerheads and holding vengeance against each other.

From the voice message received from some students, it is very evident that the two group of students are not at all aware of the rules pertaining to threats and ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) and how it can affect their DBS.

The threats between the two groups are continuing and community leaders are trying to speak to each others to resolve the issues.

Making threats and abuse in person and over social media has now become a norm between Malayalee students who have arrived in the last two years.

Many of the newcomers are not aware of how such incidents can affect their career in later life with receiving a bad reference on their DBS.

More details will be made available as the day progresses.

Community leaders hope to resolve the matter between the two groups amicably.

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