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UK based Malayalee solicitor approaches Supreme Court to evacuate stranded Indian students from UK

Monday 13 April 2020 1:01 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON: A UK based Indian solicitor Suresh Unnikrishnan has filed an impleadement application by the way of public interest litigation in Supreme Court to evacuate stranded Indian students in the UK to India as early as possible. The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow in front of Chief Justice of India and justice Mr Nageshwararao.
Suresh Unnikrishnan is a solicitor practicing in England and Wales and an indian advocate.

In his application , he has asked the highest court in India to consider the outbreak of COVID 19 in the world, especially in the UK now as matters are not under control and medical authorities are struggling to cope up with giving treatments to its own citizens and the UK Government is expecting a death toll of around 30,000 within weeks.

According to the petition there are 40,000 Indian students enrolled in various universities in January 2020 itself. According to Covid outbreak all universities are closed until September 2020.

Most of the students have lost their college accommodation and their part time jobs which they were doing 20 hours per week for their expenses including food and accommodation.

Most of them working in restaurant and leisure fields unfortunately it all doors are closed for them for an indefinite period.

The petition argues that the stranded students are living in unhygienic situations including streets without proper food or medicine.

According to UK government statistics covid 19 is going to affect 60 percentage of the population within August 2020 and therefore he prays to the court to take these matters in serious consideration.

In this circumstance, all this students staying in this dangerous condition without any food or hygiene risking the chance to infected covid without an immunity power.

So they are not going to receive the adequate medical care as they needed and it is going to badly affect their life including deaths can occur. According to WHO covid can kill any age of people including youngsters.

Most of the students who contacted and explained this situation to the firm said they all want to join with their parents and families in India immediately for the safety for

health and mental well-being. Due to practical difficulties, all of them are not able to join individual parties in the petition on behalf of them students as their legal representative Mr Unnikrishnan asked to join the petition as a party on behalf of Indian students in UK.

He has asked the court to kindly note that all the governments in the world are taking their citizens to their home countries by the way of charting flights.

Due to the inaction of the Indian government the constitutional rights of the Indian stranded students around the globe are going to affect badly and most of their life in danger.

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