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These stunning hand-drawn portraits from Keralite couple in the UK are not capturing images but souls too

Friday 26 June 2020 3:34 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON June 26: Drawing pictures are like raising a baby as that’s the care given to a portrait for it to be brought to life. This couple from Slough in London, Sreejith and Deepa, both give the same care to the pictures they give life to.

Sreejith and Deepa are both naturally talented artistes who follow an entire different profession. Deepa is a biotechnology scientist and Sreejith works in the management role within the food industry.

Their passion for drawing portraits led them to give life to their dreams and it slowly blossomed into a professional business for this couple.

This gifted couple can create unique and original hand-drawn portraits in both black and white and coloured pencils of your favourite photographs.

They produce beautiful, high quality, one-off sketches from photos of people, pets, objects to landscapes – which may have a deep personal meaning to you or something that you and your family will treasure for many years.

If you look at their drawings it demonstrates a photo-realistic output that accurately not only captures the resemblance, unique character and warmth of the specific subjects but freezes the soul of the moment in the art.

This inborn talented couple started their drawing career as a part of their passion. They developed their skill over the years by adding more techniques to it.

Although they haven’t won any awards they are sure to in the near future as they are slowly being recognised as one of the best portrait-artists among the top portrait artists in the United Kingdom.

The couple have received accolades in the form of appreciation from portraits who they have drawn for.

The couple are from Mavelikkara in Alappuzha and have a four year old daughter.

You can find more information on their business website and other social media platforms which will cover more about how you can get one portrait done of yourself.

Contact them on 07863635379,

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