Funeral of Late Jaya Sivadasan from East Ham to be held at Manor Park crematorium on Oct 1

Funeral of Late Jaya Sivadasan from East Ham to be held at Manor Park crematorium on Oct 1

LONDON Sept 30: The funeral of Late Jaya Sivadasan (53), who passed away on Sept 18, will be held on Saturday 1st October 2022 from 8.30am with Pooja at T. Cribbs & Sons, Victoria House 10 Woolwich Manor Way, Beckton, London, E6 5PA. From 10am cremation process will take place at the Crematorium of City of London Cemetery Aldersbrook Rd, Manor Park, London E12 5DQ Thereafter lunch will be provided from 11.30am at Kerala House, 671 Romford Rd, Manor Park, London, E12 5AD The family are from Chathannoor in Kollam district. The family have requested that you do not send or give flowers, instead make a donation to the Alzheimers society by using the following link:


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