Graduates from top global universities will be allowed to work and settle in UK without job offer

Graduates from top global universities will be allowed to work and settle in UK without job offer

By A Staff Reporter LONDON July 27: Graduates from 'top global universities' will no longer need a job offer in order to secure a visa to work in the UK, under a government plan to boost innovation. The new route for “internationally mobile individuals" will also allow beneficiaries to extend their visas and settle in the UK, subject to meeting certain requirements. The move, building on previous promises to provide an unsponsored work route under the Points Based Immigration System for business visas, comes as part of the UK Innovation Strategy published last week. The UK Innovation Strategy sets out the government’s vision to make the UK a global hub for innovation by 2035 The document says: "Furthermore, as part of our plan for growth, the UK government will introduce a new High Potential Individual route to make it as simple as possible for internationally mobile individuals who demonstrate high potential to come to the UK. Eligibility will be open to applicants who have graduated from a top global university. The UK government will explore the scope to expand eligibility to other characteristics of high potential. There will be no job offer requirement, giving individuals the flexibility to work, switch jobs or employers and make contributions to the UK economy. The route will also allow eligible individuals to extend their visa and settle in the UK, subject to meeting specific requirements". What qualifies as a “top global university” will be updated and published in a statement of changes to the Immigration Rules in due course. More details are awaited. Click To Read The Innovation Strategy


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    Liza Burdette

    I am a concerned parent, writing to you regarding the covid-19 testing and vaccine policies. (If this letter arrives unfinished, a duplicate copy has been uploaded to antilockdown.crypto which is provided by unstoppable domains. This is to prevent censorship, blockchain domains cannot be taken down. You can access via Brave browser or Opera Browser as standard or by installing the Unstoppable Domains Plugin in a browser that doesn’t support blockchain domains natively) You can also view directly at Please do not discount this letter as misinformation, as every point has a link to either an official document, or mainstream media source which can be verified in minutes and has not been disputed by factcheckers. Covid 19 Vaccine: This has been promoted by the government and media as "safe and effective". What they HAVE failed to tell you is that: 1. Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology that's used in the COVID vaccine, said young adults and teens shouldn't be forced to get the vaccine. He also released a report (which has not been debunked) stating that he has concerns regards it being given to children and young adults. Interestingly since Robert Malone decided to come forward with this information, using (which is often used to demonstrate and prove censorship) we can see The Wikipedia page had been edited from containing his name as the inventor in the first paragraph: To not being mentioned other than in a couple of links to footnotes as you can see here This is genuinely concerning, as why would a world renouned scientist be censored? This censorship is possibly the most concerning aspect of all. 2. Yellow Card Figures – The number of adverse events are recorded and published each week – It currently stands at 1,059,307 reactions and 1,470 deaths. 3. Emergency Use Authorisation - The vaccine has been granted EUA ONLY in the UK, USA, Canada and other countries. It is not an approved vaccine. 4. Pharmaceutical Company Indemnity: This means that if anyone is injured or dies, the vaccine companies have no obligation to the injured person or to support their family. If the companies producing the vaccines or the governments promoting them as safe and effective have so much confidence; why have they demanded such a high level of legal protection? There is a massive desire to encourage people to take this injection, but an equally massive desire to avoid shouldering any responsibility. See the previous court cases and damages awarded here 5. PCR Test: The PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) test was invented by Nobel Peace Prize winner Kary Mullis in 1983 The link to this video should be of interest to you and I would recommend looking into this further. Here is a video where he mentions that the PCR tests are not being used appropriately. This refers to the amplification cycles, where anything over 25 cycles can essentially detect anything. This means that your staff, students, and their parents are being coerced into taking tests which are only adding to the problem by the creation of a ‘casedemic’. "Fact Checkers" – Here is a link to a source which claims this is not true, however what they fail to address is the number of cycles used on the PCR tests. Dr Anthony Fauci and (another doctor/ authority figure named here), by their admission, the way this test is being used is wrong. Not to mention that the repeated process of taking PCR tests is damaging to your health. I could raise another hundred points, the understanding of which will vary depending on a person's overall outlook. The reason I have presented these issues is that most people do not see these facts in context. The sheer fact that there is no alternative view provided by the media or the government should raise alarm bells. . What Can You Do? This information has been provided because I am only one parent and one person’s voice is not loud enough. I hope that the above is concerning. Most people I speak to have no idea about the above points and often disbelieve what I say, hence the links. If in the likely event these concerns are valid, and nothing is done to safeguard the children, how would you feel? I implore you to raise these questions with your local MPs, safeguarding team, local authorities, and parents of the school in a newsletter. I understand that many people who work in education and teaching are not going to be used to challenge authority, if this is the case then maybe think of people who can be a voice for you or help you in a way that will make this process more comfortable. If adults wish to take this vaccine even with this information withheld then that is bad enough, but if children are being subjected to this then it is just INEXCUSABLE, regardless of whether they do or do not suffer any adverse effects. Once they take this vaccine, they cannot un-take it. Damage cannot be undone. I hope this information is helpful to you and that this may also help you to build upon other areas of concern you may have had over the past 18 months. YOURS SINCERELY

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