Idichakkayanu thaaram in UK: Nisha Menon’s jackfruit based food is a healthy addition to your diet – UKMALAYALEE

Idichakkayanu thaaram in UK: Nisha Menon’s jackfruit based food is a healthy addition to your diet

Wednesday 26 January 2022 7:51 PM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Jan 26: Researches and studies suggest that Jackfruit offers several key nutrients and antioxidants that may have a number of health benefits. You can easily incorporate jackfruit into your diet by eating it plain or in various dishes.

There has been several reviews and journals on the growing popularity of jackfruit as a superfood meat alternative across the world with many making it part of their healthy diet plan. We now have our own authentic jackfruit based food from Kerala available in stores across the UK.

Nisha Menon’s Jack & Chill based in the UK, provides a range of jackfruit based food such as Jackfruit Burgers, Biryani and Pulled Jackfruit which is available to buy from over 500 plus independent health stores including Whole Foods, NISA, Revital etc & also online.

Launched in 2019 Jack & Chill is the second brand of a family run business NIKASU who manufactures Indian frozen food for over 25 years. Their factories based in Kerala, India manufactures & export samosas, spring rolls, shredded coconut amongst other Indian food products. They also supply in bulk to several manufacturers & Food service customers.

“We launched Jack & Chill because I am really passionate about showing everyone how versatile Jackfruit can be. Having grown up in Kerala, I have eaten jackfruit in various forms through my mum’s and grandma’s recipes,” says Nisha Menon, director of Nikasu UK & founder of Jack & Chill.

“We are not looking to mimic meat with our Jackfruit, but to show you how to include this healthy, sustainable plant based ingredient in your diet naturally.

“Ultra processed food with artificial ingredients damages your health long term. We only use ingredients that you recognize and can pronounce. And people love the fact that we have created such clean label products that are authentic to my Indian roots.

“Ours is the only Burger in the market that doesn’t use artificial stabilisers like methyl cellulose. Instead, we use chickpea flour for binding. Our Biryani is so authentic your kitchen smells of Indian flavours when you heat them up and the best part is, its ready in 5 minutes”, says Nisha.

During lockdown they launched their Recipe Book on Amazon to help people cook from home.

They are now rebranding and bringing on more meals in 2022. Keep your eyes peeled and for more news, follow them on their social medias.

Facebook: Jack & Chill – The Jackfruit Experts

Instagram: jacknchillfoods


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