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Police officers still don’t know how to speak politely: Kerala High Court

Wednesday 22 September 2021 9:30 PM UTC

Kochi Sept 22: The Kerala High Court has disapproved a police report which gave clean-chit to an officer who allegedly used abusive language against a doctor and said that officers of the force “don’t know how to speak politely”.

“Your police officers still don’t know how to speak politely,” the court said to the state government.

The observation by Justice Devan Ramachandran came during the hearing of a plea by a doctor who claimed that police officers used abusive language when they stopped his vehicle.

The court said that a report by the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) of Kollam about the incident stated that there were “no serious lapses” on the part of the officer concerned, but it did not explain how he came to that conclusion.

“I have gone through the statement filed by the ACP, Kollam. Not satisfied by the contents thereof,” the judge said and asked, “Are only policemen allowed to live in the country?”

“He (petitioner) is a doctor, a respectable person. He states that abusive language has been used against him. Are you (police) saying the use of disrespectful language (words like ‘da’) against a doctor requires no enquiry?” the court asked.

It said that the state police chief, on the high court’s orders, has issued directions not to use such language, but the ACP’s report does not deal with the allegation of the use of abusive language by the officer concerned.

The court directed the Kollam ACP to “make a proper inquiry” into the allegation by the petitioner and file an action taken report. – PTI