Murder in the Time of Corona: This Keralite’s riveting murder investigation in Spain will keep you hooked till the very end – UKMALAYALEE

Murder in the Time of Corona: This Keralite’s riveting murder investigation in Spain will keep you hooked till the very end

Saturday 1 August 2020 7:04 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

GLASGOW Aug 1: Darshana Sugathan loves to tread the path that’s not taken. She induces in her the adrenaline rush, through her journey of the unknown territory, which leads her to see quite fascinating possibilities.

For her, the journey is more beautiful than the destination. “I refreshed grammar lessons that I learnt at school after a long time. Turns out I have so much to learn,” Darshana blurted out laughing in brief tête-à-tête with this website.

Writing a book was a dream for her since she published her first article at the age of 13. She grew up seeing books on her dad’s shelf. Since then , she dreamt of having one of her books on the shelf.

Inspired by series on Netflix and Amazon Prime, Darshana decided to utilize her lockdown days in Scotland by creating a story. She started to see characters from a murder mystery coming out in lifeforms which she could not resist and decided to give them life through her first ever book “Murder in the Time of Corona”.

Speaking to about her new book Darshana says: “They say the journey is more beautiful than the destination. It holds true for the journey of me writing this book. It helped me learn lots. Let me be very honest to you – you will find this book a light read, some parts of it very amateur even. You might disagree with some of my conclusions. The whole process was done in 20 days, I learnt lots doing the writing, self-editing, cover design, formatting, publishing and even attempts of promotion. That is perfectly alright as I am testing the waters through my maiden book”.

“For me, this is achieving a dream that I had since I published my first article at the age of 13. This has been my dream since I saw the stack of ‘Chinese literature’ books on my dad’s shelf. This has been the dream since my dad taught me how to read. Let me candidly put it this way- I am incredibly happy that my dream of publishing a book has come true.

Darshana, who is a huge fan of noted authors Dan Brown and Agatha Christie, plans to write the next crime book based on the feedback she will receive from this book.

Darshana is from Wayanad back in Kerala and has freelanced celebrity interviews and news reports for channels such as Asianet, Manorama, Amrita and others. She lives in Glasgow with her husband Arun and works in Human Resources.

About Murder in the Time of Corona

A hotel in Spain is under lockdown due to a Covid-19 scare. A murder is committed, an attempt to child trafficking and a possibility of a sexual assault. It is total mayhem in the hotel Gran Dali.

Naina Warrier, inspired by the crime series she watches on Netflix and Amazon Prime, takes a shot at making sense of the chaos happening around her. The past, present and the future of the people around her seems to be creating a web of questions for Naina to figure out.

As time progresses, she realizes that the lockdown brings out ugly truths of people. New secrets, new stories turn the tide of the game.

What really happened during the Corona virus lockdown at Hotel Gran Dali?

Will she be able to find the killer? Can she protect an innocent child? Will Naina solve the murder mystery in Spain? Join Naina in unfolding this riveting murder investigation that will keep you hooked till the very end.

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