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Keralite girl Maria Thattil crowned Miss Universe Australia 2020

Thursday 5 November 2020 9:58 PM UTC

MELBOURNE Nov 5: Indian-origin Maria Thattil was crowned as the Miss Universe Australia 2020 in the first virtual pageant event of Australia. The 16th Edition of beauty pageant Miss Universe Australia 2020 was held on October 28 at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Melbourne, Victoria.

In the pageant, a total of 26 candidates participated, out of which top 5 were accoladed with different titles.

The Pageant event was organised virtually due to the Covid pandemic. Although, the pageant results were announced on October 28, Maria’s crown was delivered to her 2 days late due to the lockdown restrictions. Miss Universe Australia 2019, Priya Serrao presented the crown to Maria Thattil at the end of the virtual event.

Maria Thattil is a 27-year old Indian-origin beauty and fashion influencer. Her South-Indian parents shifted to Melbourne before she was born. She also has her own Youtube channel by the name, ‘Maria Thattil’ where she posts lifestyle and makeup videos.

Her parents migrated from India in the early 90s. Thattil is, however, born and raised in Melbourne. “My dad is from Kerala. He still has family there and I have travelled to India to visit my dad’s side of the family. My mom is from Kolkata. When she migrated, her entire family migrated too. So I grew up with a large family of uncles and aunts and lots of cousins in Melbourne,” she told SBS Hindi.

The title, First runner-up was bagged by Miné Coetser of Pretoria, followed by second, third, fourth runner-ups, Tash Galgut (Sydney), Maddison Coluccio (Sydney), and Daria Varlamova (Bryansk).

The last year’s winner for Miss Universe Australia was Priya Serrao of Melbourne. She was also Indian-origin.

Five candidates were also selected as recipients of Special Awards, such as Miss Amity, Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, Toybox Ambassador, Social Ambassador and Rusty Swimsuit Shoot winner

Maria is a Creator & Speaker, Inclusion advocate and she also hosts ‘MINDWITHME’ Series to motivate people around her.

Maria posted a sweet video on her Instagram profile sharing her mother’s message. In the video, she is expressing gratitude towards her team, agency and Miss Universe Australia team for sending beautiful flowers as a token of good wishes. She celebrated special moments with her family and friends.