Cherai to Chelsea “An untold story of Vinay Menon” by Prof Flomny Menon to be launched on 31st August on Amazon – UKMALAYALEE

Cherai to Chelsea “An untold story of Vinay Menon” by Prof Flomny Menon to be launched on 31st August on Amazon

Saturday 15 August 2020 7:41 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

Many years ago, a young boy living in the beautiful village of Cherai, made a promise under the starry skies, that he would achieve success in life no matter what the odds. From the postcard village of Cherai to the City of London, how did he achieve unprecedented success?

LONDON Aug 15: Story of Vinay Menon is a witness to all those, who are bound by the barriers of their own manifestation. Walking the narrow lanes of the cobbled village roads in Cherai, Vinay, the child, was unaware of the existence of barriers.

The journey of Vinay is now a book titled Cherai to Chelsea. In this book, you will experience a wide array of emotions be it joy or pain that reflects the experiences in Vinay’s life, from being a small-town boy to becoming the mind strategist for the elites of the world.

The book is penned by Prof Flomny Menon. Prof Flomny Menon is a motivational speaker, a professor in Holistic Leadership, CEO of FA Innovations UK, and has a Doctorate in Business Administration. She believes her most important duty is giving back to society. She is involved with ‘inspiring the Future UK’ and many other charitable organisations. She is hardwired to inspire everyone to see beyond their capabilities and understand the simple mantra of success dare to dream the impossible, so you can make it possible.

The book talks about the boy who beat the odds to achieve his dreams and it is narrated by a motivational speaker which in itself would be an ideal foil for it to be a huge hit among young and old alike.

In an exclusive interview Prof Flomny Menon briefly spoke to about the book.

In response to a question on what inspired her to write this book she said: “When I visited the post card village of Cherai 17 years ago,  I almost instantly fell in Love with its people, the untouched nature and the women of Cherai . Their eyes sparked with dreams but were bound by unknown barriers and unseen world beyond their cocoon but surely their capabilities were far ahead of their own manifested barriers. One such school visit in the village , where Vinay started his journey as a little boy , where the young minds asked me endless questions, their curious eyes were holding back on their dreams due to unknown barriers and all I wanted to tell them was” if Vinay can do it , you can do it too” as Vinay is also moulded in the same clay as you, nothing more or nothing less . The world needs more trendsetters like Vinay hence I thought of this book as a medium to communicate this mantra of success “Dare to dream the impossible, so you can make it possible.”

According to the author Prof Flomny Menon this is not a story; this is a reality served with real life characters so everyone can relate to this book. “The book will take one through a Journey of their own self-reflection. The real-life story is bound to leave the reader inspired, motivated and kindle their unrealised dreams”, she said.

Due to the unforeseen Covid 19 situation the book launch has been postponed to December 2020 at Club Mahindra Cherai Beach Resort in Kerala. The date and time will be announced nearing the time based on Covid-19 situation.

Amazon will publish the book online and the book will also be translated in Malayalam and published in south of India through an esteemed publisher by October 2020.

The book will be published on Amazon globally on the 31st August 2020. One can order it as e book or paper back through Amazon from 31st August 2020.