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British envoy apologises for attack on Indian High Commission

Monday 21 October 2019 4:52 AM UTC

NEW DELHI Oct 22: Dominic Asquith KCMG, the British High Commissioner to India apologised for the attack that was carried on the Indian high commission in London, while speaking at the Indian Defence and Aerospace Summit that was organised by the NewsX and The Sunday Guardian in the capital on Saturday.
“I really do feel bad about the demonstrations that happened in London and I apologise for it. We respect peaceful protests, but at the same time, our foremost concern was to protect the premises and staffs working in London.

A police inquiry is ongoing and I think whatever happened was unfortunate,” Dominic Asquith said.

He also stressed on the perception that the UK was behind the United Nations’ Security Council meeting, Dominic made it clear that the UK was not really supportive of this step.

Dominic Asquith said “There was the member of permanent-5 wanted to have a meeting of UN Security Council, in my understanding, when permanent five members seek a meeting that is respected and that’s a big thing.

But what happened in New York was just an informal meeting of the UN Security Council and that is considered to be the lowest level of the meeting.

There was no statement after the meeting and it was just an informal press briefing. Our point was that if there is any consensus we will certainly go for that but we never push for anything of that sort.”

“What happened next to the meeting really puzzles us. In terms of how it was interpreted, a misperception and a wrong interpretation was circulated.

What struck me that some of the comments were very critical about us, but most of these comments were based on just misrepresentation of facts,” Dominic Asquith added.