Anamika Kent is all set to release its second music album titled ‘Indeevaram’ in the UK – UKMALAYALEE

Anamika Kent is all set to release its second music album titled ‘Indeevaram’ in the UK

Thursday 23 July 2020 2:01 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

KENT July 23: Anamika Kent is set to release its second music album in the UK. Named “Indeevaram”, the album features five melodious songs. Famous playback singer and winner of Kerala State Award for Best Singer, Vijay Yesudas is the lead singer of this album.

In addition, Roy Sebastian, UK’s favourite singer, known for his eloquence and vocals, has been featured in the album.

All five songs in the album were penned by Beena Roy, a well-known poet and writer, based in the UK. Beena Roy is author of a wealth of expressive writings.

This is Beena Roy’s second music album. She is well known in the literary circles in the UK, with the publication of her first collection of 70 poems titled “Crocusinte Niyogangal”. Beena Roy is also an author who has won the admiration of the audience through her lyrical lines.

The songs of “Indeevaram” are composed by renowned music director and music teacher Prasad NA. He has composed music for many hit songs featuring leading Malayalam singers. The songs on this album are arranged in five beautiful melodies to captivate the audience.

Anamika Kent UK’s first music album, “Brindavani”, had been widely acclaimed for its lyrics, musical quality and vocal prowess. “Indeevaram” was inspired following the success of “Brindavani”.

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