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Alcohol made available to those people suffering from withdrawal symptoms in Kerala

Tuesday 31 March 2020 12:07 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM March 31: The state government on Monday released an order and set of guidelines to make alcohol available to those people suffering from withdrawal symptoms during the nationwide lockdown.

As per the order, a person will be provided liquor after he produces a doctor’s prescription and fills a form at the nearby Excise office. The person must also carry personal identity proofs.

Each person will only receive one pass. The order also states that beverage outlets will not be opened to supply liquor.

It must be noted that the order has been released by the government despite strong objections from KGMOA, an association of government doctors.

Earlier, several suicide cases were reported in the state due to the unavailability of alcohol.

Those people experiencing withdrawal symptoms must get examined at a government hospital such as ESI, taluk hospitals, block-level PHCs, district hospitals, general hospitals, speciality hospitals or medical colleges.

Once the doctor certifies that the person is experiencing withdrawal symptoms, he might apply for a bottle of liquor at the nearby excise office.

The person must also produce his medical certificate and personal identity proofs at the nearby excise range office or circle office. He will be provided with the pass upon filling a form.

The pass must be taken to the Managing Director of the Beverages Corporation who will do the necessary action to provide alcohol without opening the outlets.

The excise department must be regularly informed about the amount of liquor distributed on the basis of these passes.

The excise IT cell has been ordered to examine the passes in order to ensure that there are no irregularities.