Kerala govt discuss Welsh investment in Kochi: Student exchange program agreed; healthcare MOU signed – UKMALAYALEE

Kerala govt discuss Welsh investment in Kochi: Student exchange program agreed; healthcare MOU signed

Tuesday 11 October 2022 7:08 AM UTC

LONDON Oct 11: Wales government has told a ministerial delegation from Kerala that it will take the initiative to discuss with companies there on investing in the Gift City to be launched in Kochi area of the southern state, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s office said.

The first batch of health professionals, under the MoU, are expected to arrive in Wales by this time next year, it said.

These discussions were held in an interaction between the Kerala delegation headed by Vijayan and First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford as well as other members of his government including Wales Health Minister Eluned Morgan, the statement said.

It also said that the delegation also interacted with students and faculty of Cardiff University’s School of Architecture which has conducted a detailed study of the problems related to the urbanisation of Kochi and presented its findings to them.

According to the study conducted by the School of Architecture, the important problems being faced by the port city of Kochi were noise pollution, water pollution, traffic woes, general problems faced by pedestrians, the need to maintain biodiversity, etc., the CMO statement said.

It was decided to hold further discussions on this issue in January next year in Kerala and the university expressed interest in carrying out such projects jointly with officials of the planning department of the state, according to the statement.

Kerala govt agrees to student exchange program and sending health workers to Wales

The Kerala government has reportedly agreed to a student exchange program and sending health workers to Wales. Kerala government’s external cooperation officer, Venu Rajamoni shared the news on Twitter. Wales is part of the United Kingdom.

A delegation from Kerala led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is on a Europe tour. The delegation reached London on Saturday after visiting Finland and Norway.

Rajamoni tweeted, “Thank you for the productive meetings with the First Minister and the Health Minister, including the sending of health workers from Kerala to Wales and the exchange of students under the Teth programme. We look forward to a close and mutually beneficial relationship.” Let’s hope.”

The Teth is a five-year program of the Welsh Government on “taking students and teachers from around the world to Wales” with the aim of raising the country’s international profile.

Earlier, a delegation of Kerala Industries Minister R Rajeev and Health Minister Veena George were received in Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

The Welsh Government said the Kerala delegation had positive meetings with its first minister, Mark Drakeford, and the Minister of Health and Social Services, Eluned Morgan, “on the relationship between Wales and Kerala, and how we work together in areas of common interest”.

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