With 14 deaths in one month UK Malayalee community facing tough times: Coronavirus is changing how we say goodbye – UKMALAYALEE

With 14 deaths in one month UK Malayalee community facing tough times: Coronavirus is changing how we say goodbye

Saturday 11 April 2020 2:27 AM UTC

LONDON April 11: A total of fourteen deaths are now reported in the last one month within the UK Malayalee community as of 6th April 2020. The deaths at the time of Covid are creating difficult times for the community due to the severe restrictions put in place following the spread of Covid-19.
The community has never seen such an increase in deaths in a month. Irrespective of how they died it’s the pain of not being able to be either near to them during their death or being able to say goodbye for one final time at the funeral, a loss which will ever linger for ever.

There are no more public funerals or wakes where the community come together to reminisce the loved ones life. Following the nationwide lockdown on March 23, there has been a ban on public gatherings of more than two people, alongside instruction to avoid all but necessary travel.

In regards to funeral, the government have asked that people should only attend the funerals of members of their household, close family members, or friends who will not have any family at the service.

The community members who lost their dear ones following the lockdown are going through a difficult phase in their lives as most of them follow customary funeral services with the attendance of just those dear and near ones.

Some, who wished to have the funeral in India had their request turned down due to the international lockdown and flights not operating.

Although the pandemic spread to the UK in January 2020 transmission within the UK was only confirmed in February, leading to an epidemic with a rapid increase in cases in March.

Let us just hope that no more deaths take away our dear and near ones. Let us all stay safe and healthy by following the strict government guidelines of social distancing and other restrictions.

Please see below the list of deaths within the UK Malayalee community since March 2020 until 6th April 2020.

01: APRIL:  Sibi Moleparambil Mani (50), from Field Rice in Derby passed away on Friday 10th April 2020. He is from Koothattukulam back in Kerala.

02. APRIL:  Sinto George (36) from Redhill in London passed away on 6th April. Sinto is from Kannur in Kerala. Sinto leaves behind wife Nimmy and three children.

03. APRIL:  Indira Kollam (72) from London passed away on 6th April 2020. Retired Teacher Indira is from Kollam in Kerala

04. APRIL:  Iqbal Puthiyakathu (56) from Wembley in London passed away on 6th April. Iqbal is from Thrissur in Kerala. Iqbal leaves behind wife and three children

05. APRIL:  Beena George (54) staff nurse from Ireland passed away on 5th April 2020. Beena is from Kottayam in Kerala.

06. APRIL:  Dr Pachiri Hamza (80) from West Midlands passed away on 1st April 2020. Dr Hamza is from Perinthalmanna in Kerala

07. APRIL:  Sister Sienna (74) from Swansea passed away on 1st April 2020. Sister Sienna is from Jharkhand state in India.

08. MARCH:  Maymol Mathew (42) staff nurse from Blackburn passed away on March 18. Maymol is from Punnathara in Kottayam.

09. MARCH:  Siji T Alex (50) from Croydon passed away on 12th March 2020. Siji is from Thiruvalla in Kerala. He is survived by his wife Bincy Sigi and three children.

10. MARCH:  Premalatha Pillai (86) from Newham passed away on 30th March 2020

11. MARCH:  Gomathy Viswambaran (88) from Croydon passed away on 18th March 2020

12. MARCH:  Rita Gomez (80) from Newham passed away in March 2020

13. MARCH:  Anandan Devarajan (78) from East Ham passed away on 24th March 2020.

14. MARCH:  Gouri Bai Menon (98) passed away in London in March 2020

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