Sanatana Dharma UK conducts Ayyappa pooja with traditional pooja and bhajans in Hertfordshire – UKMALAYALEE

Sanatana Dharma UK conducts Ayyappa pooja with traditional pooja and bhajans in Hertfordshire

Wednesday 24 November 2021 7:04 PM UTC

By Hariharan

LONDON Nov 24: Mandala Kalam (41 days starting from 1st of Malayalam month Vrischika) is the holiest of all the months for Ayyappa devotees worldwide. Devotees worldwide observe Mandala Vratham (practice of austerity) which is to purify ones’ own mind and body thus transforming individual self as a perfect instrument for communion with the Supreme Self – Lord Sri Dharma Sastha.

This 41 days Vratham thus provide the commoners who are entangled in the pain & pleasures of this material world the opportunity to introspect their real nature and elevate themselves to the higher plane of Divine Consciousness.

During this period, devotees perform Ayyappan Pooja and Bhajans (devotional offerings & singing glory of the Lord) which empowers them to realise the Divine Oneness principle – Tat Twam Asi (That thou Art). This famous mantra from Chandogya Upanishad emphasizes the fact that the divine life force behind the existence of this whole universe is the same life principle in you.

Sanatana Dharma (SD) UK, an organization upholding these Sanatana Dharma values and Vedantic ideals, conducted this year’s Ayyappa Pooja and Bhajans on 20th Nov 2021 – first Saturday of the auspicious Vrischika month in Welwyn in Hertfordshire.

Traditional Ayyappan Pooja was conducted for 18 Holy Steps and the Lord as per Ayyappa Pooja Vidhanam with Aval, Malar, Sarkara and Payasa Nivedhyam. This was followed by Ayyappa Bhajans by Santana Dharma Group members led by Vidwan Sri. Jayaprakash Nambiar.

Everyone in SD family including children sang Bhajans that started with Ganesha Stuthi followed by traditional songs of Guru, Saraswati, Mahadeva, Krishna and a repertoire of Ayyappa Bhajans.

Traditional pooja followed by Bhajans was a heavenly experience wherein the divine blessings of Sri Dharma Sastha was invoked, and participants transcended from material to Spiritual plane.

Bhajans were concluded with singing of Harivarasanam. This was followed by Annadanam for all the participating devotees.

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