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Musical whistling artistes AIIWA from Kerala can add flavour to your community events

Wednesday 5 January 2022 3:05 PM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

KOCHI Jan 5: Association of Indian and International Whistling Artists (AIIWA) is a union of highly talented professional musical whistling artists around the globe. AIIWA is a registered association and a musical band under the Government of India. The headquarters of the organization is based in Kochi, Kerala.

The founder members of AIIWA are holders of titles like Guinness World Records, India Book of Records, Limca Book of Records and Asia Book of Records.

The association aims to create more and more records with its members. The mission of AIIWA is to achieve global recognition for the art of Musical Whistling.

Their vision is to find out talented artists around the world and enable them in accomplishing professional growth at zero cost.

AIIWA is a non-profit organization dedicated for the growth of Musical Whistling as a universal art. It is a free platform for all talented musical whistlers to join, perform and grow.

Being a Life Time Member (LTM) with AIIWA costs you nothing but proven talent in the field of musical whistling. Any such artists can join us irrespective of their age, sex, nationality, race, color or ethnicity.

AIIWA believe in the philosophy of global acceptance of skilled artists without any discrimination. AIIWA believe that no artist should lose their opportunities just because of his incapacity to pay money for Memberships and Renewals to registered organizations. So every registered member of AIIWA enjoys the privilege to be included in the official membership register of the organization without any cost.

Moreover the details of the registered members of AIIWA with their Registration number will be displayed in the official website for free of cost and the same can be traceable in the official website. To know further about AIIWA please visit