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Kent Hindu Samajam Celebrates Durgashtami, Mahanavami, Vijayadasami and Vidyarambham

Friday 4 October 2019 4:37 AM UTC

GILLINGHAM (Kent) Oct 4: Keralites celebrate Navarathri in a befitting manner by performing Saraswathi Pooja and Ayudha Pooja.

Vidyarambham is an Indian tradition observed on Vijayadashami day mainly in Kerala, where children are formally introduced to academic education, learning of music, dance, languages and other folk arts.

It involves a ceremony of initiation into the characters of the syllabary.

The Vijayadashami day is considered auspicious for beginning learning in any field. This is also considered a day when the Goddess of learning and teachers (gurus) must be revered by giving Gurudakshina.

(Vidya means “knowledge”, arambham means “beginning’). Initiation into the world of syllabary usually begins with the writing of “Hari Sree Ganapataye Namah”

Initially, the mantra is written on sand or in a tray of rice grains by the child, under the supervision of a master who conducts the ceremony (usually a priest or a guru).

Then, the master writes the mantra on the child’s tongue with gold. Writing on grains denotes the acquisition of knowledge, which leads to prosperity.

Writing on the tongue with gold invokes the grace of the Goddess of Learning, by which one attains the wealth of true knowledge.

Even though the tradition stipulates that children have to be initiated at an early age, we are taking a bit of liberty with this custom and will be initiating children up to the age of twelve.

For those who are already students, this will be a sort of re-initiation or renewal of their commitment to learning.

Our members and children will find it a novel experience that revives our tradition of reverence towards knowledge and its attainment.

Kent Hindu Samajam celebrates Pooja Vaippu on Saturday, 5 th October 2019 at Medway Hindu Mandir, 361 Canterbury Street , Gillingham, Kent , ME7 5XS. Pooja Eduppu and Vidyarambham will be held on Tuesday, 8 th October 2019 at Medway

Hindu Mandir. The ceremonies will begin at 6.00 PM (18:00 Hrs). The Vidyarambham will be open to all those who are interested, irrespective of religion or language.

Kent Hindu Samajam requests its members and supporters to attend the auspicious and spiritual events on all these days at the Mandir.

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