UK Malayalee from Croydon seriously ill with Covid recovers from ICU: Proud moment for Croydon NHS Trust (VIDEO) – UKMALAYALEE

UK Malayalee from Croydon seriously ill with Covid recovers from ICU: Proud moment for Croydon NHS Trust (VIDEO)

Monday 13 April 2020 9:42 PM UTC

Jothy Kesavan being seen off by staff at the Croydon NHS Trust hospital

By A Staff Reporter

CROYDON April 14: In a delightful moment for the Croydon Health Services NHS Trust they were able to treat and help recover a patient who fell seriously ill with Covid-19.

Mrs Jothy Kesavan headed home on 13th April 2020 after recovering from COVID-19 from the hospital’s intensive care unit, the Trust said through its website.

Mrs Jothy Kesavan, who works for the Home Office, is from Varkala back in Kerala and resides in Croydon. She has been using the public transport to get to work and home and probably would have picked up the virus through one of her journeys, said her relatives.

The story of Jothy Kesavan is not just one recently. There have been numerous people including UK Malayalees who have fell ill with Covid and recovering by following the government guidelines.

Elaine Clancy, Chief Nurse for Croydon who is leading the Trust’s response to COVID-19 said: “We’re delighted to see Mrs Jothy Kesavan return home to her loved ones today and wish her all the best in her continued recovery.

“Our teams of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, both in our intensive care units and on our wards are working around the clock to ensure that all of our patients get the best possible care and I’m very proud of all of their efforts.

“Mrs Jothy Kesavan’s incredible recovery, alongside the hundreds of other patients with COVID-19 that we have already successfully discharged, reinforces our continued hope for all of those affected.”

Over 300 patients have already discharged from Croydon University Hospital after receiving treatment for COVID-19 and the Trust continues to care for many more patients, both in its inpatient wards and in the local community.

In signs of good times ahead reports are coming out to say that there are scores of nurses who tested positive for Covid-19 have recovered following isolation and by following the UK government guidelines. There also have been reports of other UK Malayalees who fell ill to Covid and admitted to hospitals recovered.

Febin Cyriac from Envertiz Recruitment who has brought in thousands of nurses to the UK said: “I am in constant contacts with those nurses who have recently joined the NHS Trusts in the United Kingdom. Many who speak to me share the news about Malayalee community members falling ill to Covid and getting seriously ill. Many Malayalee community members were tested positive to Covid-19. Luckily most of them have recovered as they followed the guidance of the NHS. This is helping them to make their recovery easier”.

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