Keralite sport organisation LSL ‘begins season’ with charity and quiz in UK: There is a toss of coin, 4s and 6s are hit during weekends (VIDEOS) – UKMALAYALEE

Keralite sport organisation LSL ‘begins season’ with charity and quiz in UK: There is a toss of coin, 4s and 6s are hit during weekends (VIDEOS)

Saturday 9 May 2020 3:35 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter (

LONDON May 9: With the sun shining out on a beautiful summer weekend in the UK, hundreds of Malayalees would have been out on the cricket pitches expressing their cricketing passions. They would have been yearning to showcase what they have saved up all during the winter months while they were indoors.

There would have been a thousand times they reminisced those hook shots, the cut, the square drive, the pull, the hook, and the sweep. However, the Covid-19 pandemic had them left high and dry. It was at this time the London Sports League, a prominent Keralite sports organisation based in the UK, has come to the fore to help those students who needed support and keep them engaged. London Sports League (LSL) has healthy memberships from the Keralite students and youths who are here either as students or on work visas.

London Sports League hosts various events yearly such as badminton, football and cricket which kept the community spirit and cohesion. This website caught up with LSL to find out more about their activities during the time of Covid and how they are keeping their members engaged.

Speaking to Biju Pillai and Nishar V Nath of London Sports League they confirm that there are issues within the Indian student community.

“Yes, we are aware of the issues and many of our league members are also caught up in the whole pandemic situation.

“It was abrupt and came as a shock to many. However, being a sport organisation we decided to join our hands with organisations such as MAUK to support our club members and the wider Asian student community,” Nishar told this website.

“We are providing weekly financial support package to MAUK for the last few weeks and this will continue until the issue is substantially sorted.

“Since we are a sports based organisation, majority of LSL management committee are a part of many community organisations like MAUK, Samastha, Sameeksha, UUKMA, UMA, KMCC and other local Malayalee associations.

“Many are volunteering for these organisations and support their activities. Therefore, we are coordinating any eventualities faced by our league members by provide support through the respective organisations,” Biju added.

On being queried on how the league supports them he said: “Independently LSL is supporting our club members through their club management as and when a concern is raised. Most of these are personal requests directly come to us or to their club management as most of them personally known to us.

These requests are addressed within LSL/clubs/members during the weekly conference meetings with all member clubs to catch-up the issues and most of the issues are sorted by the club management.

Students members of the clubs and their friends are being taken care of by the clubs individually and any additional support requests will be addressed by LSL.

LSL is also keeping the members engaged through them organising weekly sports quiz competitions on zoom for their members to provide an opportunity for them to meet virtually each other and keep engaged with each other.

Those who wish to contact LSL or want to be part of it please contact or ring 07904312000, 07846066476.

See below uncut videos of the weekly cricket  quiz competition held on zoom for their members. The videos below are not edited and therefore sorry for the casual language used in banter.

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