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VFS UK publishes details on how to obtain Group Tourism Visa and access Visa At Your Doorstep services

Wednesday 2 November 2022 8:04 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Nov 1: VFS UK has published details on how to obtain Group Tourism Visa and also details of how to secure Visa with the Doorstep services. VFS UK has published emails to know more about the services. The two emails are GroupTourism_IndUK@vfsglobal.com and vayd_hciuk@vfsglobal.com.

Group Tourism visa

Minimum conditions to be met for Group Tourism visa applications:

• There must be a minimum of five applicants travelling together.
• The tour operator should have a designated representative in India who shall furnish the list of members of the group to the Immigration authorities (the concerned FRRO) before arrival of the group in India.
• All members of the group shall enter and exit India together.
Documents to be provided by the tour operator in support of GT visa applications
• Covering letter on company letterhead detailing the group request
• Copy of the UK based tour operator company’s certificate of incorporation
• Copy of certificate of incorporation of the India based company whose authorised representative will submit a list of group members and itinerary to the FRRO
• A complete list of group members containing the following information:
o Full name
o Nationality
o Address and contact details
o Date & place of birth
o Passport number
• Itinerary of the group (places to be visited)
• Undertaking by the tour operator to conduct the travel of the group as per the itinerary
1. Complete documents as listed above should be sent by the concerned tour operator to the VFS on the email ID: GroupTourism_IndUK@vfsglobal.com
2. VFS will initiate the request to The High Commission of India, London or the concerned Consulate for further verification and preliminary approval.
3. Once the preliminary approval is received by the HCI, London or the concerned
Consulate, VFS will revert to the concerned tour operator with an appointment slot.(It may be noted that HCI, London or the concerned Consulate reserve the right to ask for
additional information or make any decision in regard to the individual applicants at any stage of the process.

Visa At Your Doorstep (VAYD)

You can choose to complete the visa application process end-to-end from the comfort of your home or office, in lieu of an additional service charge. This is only an optional service, and you can apply for normal service also. This service offers a trained VFS staff to visit you at your home or office address. There are no extra charges for any assistance with form filling, or for biometrics, or for collecting your documents for processing.

To avail of this service, please write to VFS at: vayd_hciuk@vfsglobal.com

We sent an email to the above and we received the below reply:

Digital Document Check (DDC)

This service offers a check by VFS of all supporting documents required before visiting the application centre. This is an optional service, and you can apply for the required service without availing of this service.

VFS will help to ensure that your application and documents are all in order. VFS expert staff will check your documents digitally before you come to submit your application. The final decision on the grant of service will, however, remain the prerogative of the High Commission of India/ the concerned Consulate.

To avail of this service, please write to: ddc_hciuk1@vfsglobal.com

Form Filling

VFS team will help you complete your online application form. This is an optional service, and you can apply for the required service without availing of this service.

VFS staff will guide you through the form-filling process from start to finish. Please note that they cannot answer questions on your behalf or fill in answers based on assumptions. When you apply for this optional service, a computer with an internet facility will be made available for you for form filling at the service center when you arrive there with a prior appointment.

Courier Fees

Get your documents delivered quickly and directly to your home or office. Safe, fast, and convenient – VFS will arrange the secure return of your documents and passports directly to you, to any given address in UK. Save time and travel costs, with no need to arrange multiple visits to the Visa Application Centre.


Support your application with high-quality personal photographs. Want to ensure that your photos meet the required standards, or forgot to bring an image of your own? Not to worry! VFS staff are available to photograph you, during your visit to the Visa Application Centre, ensuring that you have a photograph that meets the quality standards required for a visa submission. It is quick, affordable and easy, and VFS staff can handle it all for you.


Save time and protect your valuable original documents with our Photocopying service. The quality of your photocopied documents is extremely important to your application, and with our Photocopying service, you can be sure that your documents are ready for your Consular Application. VFS offer fast, high-powered machines working on a top-quality paper at our Visa Application Centre. This service can be availed at the Visa Application Centre during your visit.


Stay up to date on the progress of your application, with regular SMS updates. The SMS service keeps you in the loop at all times – sending an automated message to your mobile phone at key stages of the application process. This means no needless worry, no long periods of uncertainty, and no wondering about the status of your application.

Visit VFS website for more details. The above is for general guidance only. Therefore, always email VFS Global or call them before you set out a journey to VFS Global Office or exchange monies with anyone.

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