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Joining US War On Terror After 9/11 Was Biggest Blunder, Says Imran Khan

Tuesday 24 September 2019 4:41 AM UTC

NEW YORK Sept 24: Imran Khan on Monday said Pakistan committed “one of the biggest blunders” by joining the US after the 9/11 attacks, saying the previous governments “should not have pledged what they could not deliver.”

“I think the Pakistani government should not have pledged what they could not deliver,” Mr Khan said, referring to General Pervez Musharraf’s decision to side with the US.

Pakistan was one of the three countries which recognised the Taliban government in Afghanistan before the US invasion in 2001. After the US invasion of Afghanistan following the 9/11 attack, Pakistan extended support to the American forces against the Taliban.

“In the 1980s, when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Pakistan, helped by the US, organised the resistance to the Soviets.

The ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) trained militants who were invited from all over the Muslim world to do jihad against the Soviets,” Mr Khan said in response to a question.

“And so we created these militant groups to fight the Soviets…Jihadis were heroes then. Come 1989, Soviets leave Afghanistan, the US packs up and leaves Afghanistan…and we were left with these groups,” he added.

“Then comes 9/11, and Pakistan again joins the US in the war on terror and now we are required to go after these groups as terrorists. They were indoctrinated that fighting foreign occupation is jihad but now when the US arrived in Afghanistan, it was supposed to be terrorism,” Mr Khan said.

“So Pakistan took a real battering in this,” he said, adding that Pakistan should have stayed neutral in the conflict.

He said that there could be no military solution in Afghanistan and said he will urge President Donald Trump to resume peace talks.

“For 19 years if you have not been able to succeed, you are not going to be able to succeed in another 19 years,” he added.

On Pakistan’s fragile economy, Mr Khan said his government had inherited “the biggest current account deficit” in the country’s history and “so the first year has been a real struggle.”

Mr Khan thanked China for helping “when we were at the rock bottom”.