Boris Johnson ‘plans to resign’ in six months because he can’t live on £150k salary – UKMALAYALEE

Boris Johnson ‘plans to resign’ in six months because he can’t live on £150k salary

Monday 19 October 2020 9:19 PM UTC

LONDON October 20: According to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, Tory MPs are gearing up for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to step down, after privately complaining about the salary of £150,402, which is reportedly not enough for him to live on.

They believe that Johnson wants to be able to see the UK through the end of the Brexit transition period, and hope to oversee the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sources of UK’s The Times newspaper were told by friends and close colleague of Boris Johnson that he was “miserable” and unable to cope with his £150,000 salary, that cannot even “afford a nanny”, he might resign from his designation of prime minister.

“He is very, very badly served”, revealed Johnson’s colleagues on condition of anonymity. Further, it was said that UK’s PM doesn’t have a housekeeper, and with his pay could only afford one home cleaner at his flat in Downing Street, which, they said, was “not a nice place to live.”

Comparing the Downing Street with Élysée or the White House, which were establishments much sophisticated, Boris’ colleagues said that the UK prime minister and his partner Carrie had to go through the office even if they wanted to visit the rose garden.

According to a report published in Sunday Mirror, UK’s parliament and Tory MPs were in fact gearing up to look into some potential prime minister options over speculation about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation in the spring post achieving a Brexit deal. Johnson has repeatedly sounded disappointed about his survival made challenging over the salary of £150,402, a meager pay compared to his expenses.

Sources of UK’s The New European revealed that the British Prime Minister was comparatively happier prior to becoming the Tory Party leader as he was on a salary of £275,000-a-year with Telegraph and made £160,000 per month for delivering speeches. Further, it quoted UK MP saying, on condition of anonymity that PM Johnson six children had to make adjustments, given, that some were still very young and needed financial help.

He also had to pay his ex-wife Marina Wheeler as part of the divorce deal. Boris Johnson’s friends and colleagues called the UK PM, ‘broke’, ‘subdued’, and ‘miserable’ after his pay was slashed from £350,000 a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.