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UK Malayalee from Hull pass away

Thursday 7 February 2019 7:07 PM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

HULL Feb 7: UK Malayalee from Hull passed away today noon (Thursday February 7, 2019) following an illness he has been suffering for the last few years, local news reports said.

Chackochan (45) from Bridlington in Hull was suffering from Motor neurone disease. Motor neurone disease is a uncommon condition that affects the brain and nerves. It causes weakness that gets worse over time.

Initially Chackochan suffered weakness of his hands and then later it spread to his body leaving him bedridden with medications.

Chackochan leaves behind wife Deepa and his two daughters.

Previous to moving down to Hull, the family were living in Exter in Devon. They moved to Hull three years back.

Chackochan’s mother and Deepa’s parents are in the UK.

Funeral details will be made aware to the public later.

This website offers its sincere condolences to the beareaving family.

Motor neurone disease is always fatal and can significantly shorten life expectancy, but some people live with it for many years. There’s no cure, but there are treatments to help reduce the impact it has on your daily life.

Symptoms of motor neurone disease come on gradually and may not be obvious at first.

Early symptoms can include:

weakness in your ankle or leg – you might trip, or find it harder to climb stairs

slurred speech, which may develop into difficulty swallowing some foods

a weak grip – you might drop things, or find it hard to open jars or do up buttons

muscle cramps and twitches

weight loss – your arms or leg muscles may have become thinner over time

difficulty stopping yourself crying or laughing in inappropriate situations


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