OICC UK says NORKA and Kerala Loka Sabha let down Non Resident Keralites; thanks Incas and KMCC to bring back those stranded – UKMALAYALEE

OICC UK says NORKA and Kerala Loka Sabha let down Non Resident Keralites; thanks Incas and KMCC to bring back those stranded

Saturday 4 July 2020 8:41 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON July 4: The Overseas Indian Cultural Congress (OICC) UK has come out criticising the Kerala government and its functionaries for letting down the Non Resident Keralites at the time of the Covid pandemic.

In a press note issued to this website, OICC UK, joint convenor KK Mohandass raised queries on the way on how the Kerala government and its functionaries NORKA Roots and Kerala Loka Sabha functioned which wasn’t of any benefit to the Non Resident Keralites.

What benefit did Non Resident Keralites have with NORKA and Kerala Lok Sabha at the time Covid? What help did they offer?, Mohandass asked.

He alleged that those who registered on Norka-Roots web portal have found it of no use, as only those who registered with the various Indian Embassies are being considered. He said that the Norka-Roots department has been relegated to just a web portal and the only job they did during the pandemic time was to open a portal where all who wished to return from abroad had to register.

The state government has sanctioned funds to NORKA-Roots to renovate its offices, conduct pravasi meets (Kerala Loka Sabha) and engage private agencies for NORKA Business Facilitation Centre (NBFC) at a time when Non Resident Keralites (NRKs) are flying back home in their thousands due to the Covid pandemic.

“At a time when hundreds of the expatriates are dying, Norka has allocated crores to build the NORKA building. How does this benefit for ordinary expatriates who have spent nearly Rs 5 crores for the protection of the expatriates, to improve the labour zones of Kerala, to rehabilitate the lost expatriates and to solve the problems of the expatriates”, asks.

He alleged that the Kerala Loka Sabha became only a group formed by people those had close allegiance to the Kerala government and they are using the organisation only for get-together in 5-star hotels in Kerala and waste public money.

He said that the Kerala government hasn’t done anything to help those families who lost their lives in foreign countries. He asked NORKA and Kerala Loka Sabha to be disbanded as its not serving the purpose it was intended for.

When the poor expat suffered for food and medicine earlier, OICC, Incas, KMCC and other community organizations helped Air India and chartered aircraft of expatriate organizations to return. The Government of Kerala has only taken necessary steps to stop the journey of those who are coming.

This loot, which is run on behalf of non-expatriates, is a reminder that the Kerala Loka Sabha and the Norka should be dissolved, the note added.

OlCC is grateful for the collective efforts of the Incas and the KMCC, who helped with the return and hardship of the expatriates, the press note ended.

Meanwhile, Harikrishnan Namboothiri, CEO, K,NORKA-Roots, as per another report said there is nothing controversial about this as these orders are just administrative sanction for the fund allocated in the last budget. “The decision regarding fund allocation had been taken before the Covid outbreak. Moreover, the orders are just administrative sanction and we have not spent any money in this regard so far,” he said.

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