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More than £250k raised to feed NHS workers

Monday 30 March 2020 1:06 AM UTC

LONDON March 30: More than £250,000 has been raised to help provide free hot meals for NHS staff, less than seven days after a campaign was launched by a small group of friends.
Meals for the NHS was just an idea last Sunday evening but has since provided 4,000 meals to hospitals with tens of thousands more expected soon.

“We were talking about how a group of friends who are NHS workers are just not eating properly,” Andrew Muir Wood, one of the founders, told the PA news agency.

The campaign says workers are faced with canteens that shut at 5pm, and a surgeon from a Covid-19 intensive care unit told the group on Monday: “At weekends, overnight and evenings there is virtually nothing to eat except a crap vending machine with crisps and chocolate. Seriously.”

“It’s hard for anyone to operate on an empty stomach let alone people trying to save lives, so we got together trying to work out how we could solve that,” Mr Muir Wood added.

Co-ordinating their work online amid the UK lockdown, the friends came up with the idea to send meals from local food makers into hospitals.

The group initially invested their own money to provide the meals – contributing around £2,000 between five people.

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