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Britain to witness hottest spring

Tuesday 26 March 2019 2:45 AM UTC

LONDON March 26: Britain could see its hottest spring since records began with temperatures expected to soar well above average across the country through most of the season.

The Met Office is predicting glorious weather for the three months until June starting with potentially record-breaking spring warmth this week.

By Thursday most of the UK will experience temperatures in the high teens, and they could even hit 20C in places with prolonged periods of sunshine, say forecasters.

Spring temperatures could hit 26C in April thanks to plumes of warm air from Africa, and the extended forecasts suggests summer could be hot and settled.

Dry weather is likely from Wednesday with the best of the sunshine in the south and east of the UK.

The northwest will continue to see wetter and breezier weather.

The Met Office said a much warmer-than-usual March to May is five times more likely than much cooler conditions.