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Rs 50 lakh cheque handed over to Nambi Narayanan

Wednesday 10 October 2018 1:20 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTAPURAM Oct 10: Former ISRO Chief Nambi Narayanan, who was acquitted in the infamous Isro espionage case, was handed over a cheque of Rs 50 lakh towards the compensation, ordered by the Supreme Court.

In the function held at Durbar hall, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan presented the cheque to Nambi Narayanan. Minister E P Jayarajan and E Chandrasekharan took part in the function.

The Nambi Narayan hailed Chief Minister Pinaryi Vijayan for taking the stand that the case filed against him was a fake one.

He also hinted at a larger conspiracy behind the espionage case rather than a mere political game to oust K Karunakaran from the chief minister’s chair.

“It is said that the case was a political game to pull down K Karunakaran from the Chief Minister post, but from deep within my mind I have the feeling that there was another force behind the case. That force had come and gone,” the former scientist said.

“The cryogenic programme in India had gone back by several years after the case; the programme was my dream. I am not saying that all officials of the Intelligence Bureau or the police, who investigated the case, were guilty.

But only one person, a senior officer in charge of the investigation, was enough to twist the case. I urge the government to trace those who were behind it,” he says.

Nambi was arrested 24 years ago, but he was later absolved of all charges. The Supreme Court on September 14 had ordered the government to pay Rs 50 lakh compensation to Nambi Narayanan.

“This is the sixth Chief Minister after the case was filed. Now I am confident that the government is with me; unlike the other CMs, the incumbent CM has the right understanding of the case for he said that I could negotiate for the compensation.

Also Raman Srivastava, who was also falsely tainted, is currently the advisor of the CM. This also shows that the CM has the right perspective,” he said.

He also put forward a request to assist the other accused in the case, who are struggling financially.

Pinarayi Vijayan said there are lessons to be learnt from this case how fabricated evidence could be used to destroy someone. “It happened at a time when the country was about to make great achievements in the field of science.

It has to be examined why some forces hindered the progress of the country,” he said.