Kerala to introduce ‘anywhere registration’ immediately – UKMALAYALEE

Kerala to introduce ‘anywhere registration’ immediately

Monday 18 February 2019 2:47 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Anyone can register their property at any sub registrar office, sounds amazing, right? A person residing at Parassala can register their property at Kasargode.

State government is planning to implement ‘anywhere registration’ service immediately. The state government aims to eradicate corruption at sub –registrar offices in addition to providing facilities for people.

At present, most senior sub-registrar has the provision to register any property within their district. This will be extended to all 315 sub registrar offices in the state.

National Information Centre has prepared a software for including all the offices within one network. Section 30 of registration act should be amended for this. Action has been done for this.

In the central architecture which provides “anywhere registration”, all the data pertaining to each sub-registrar office is placed in the central server.

It contains the data on jurisdiction, market value, prohibited properties list, past index data and document image data pertaining to all the documents registered in the past through CARD.

This enables the registration on anywhere basis.