Disappointed with the party forced me to commit twin murder: Peethambaran – UKMALAYALEE

Disappointed with the party forced me to commit twin murder: Peethambaran

Thursday 21 February 2019 2:49 AM UTC

KASARGOD Feb 21: Former CPM local Committee member A Peethambaran , an accused in Kasargod twin murder case, has confessed to the police that he had committed the crime as he was disappointed with the party .

“I felt insulted as the party kept quite even after I complained that Kripesh and Sharath Lal had assaulted me in an early row over a local issue. I decided to take revenge as the party didn’t take any action despite me being a local committee member.”

According to Peethambaran, Kripesh and Sharath Lal had attacked Peethambaran at Periya and his hand was fractured in the incident. Sharath Lal was remanded in the case registered and he got bail on February 8th.

However, Peethamabaran wanted a case to be registered against Kripesh and others also, but no action was taken by the party.

On an investigation conducted, it was noticed that Kripesh had not attacked Peethambaran and he was home at the time of the incident.

As Kripesh could not be implicated, Peethambaran went about saying that the probe was not heading in the right direction and party remained a mute spectator.

Disappointed over this development, he connived with his friends and committed the crime. He told police that he committed the crime alone. However, the police has not taken this at face value. They still believe in the role of other party workers.

Peethambaram told the police that it was he who had hacked Kripesh’s head.

However, police said that the kind of wounds on the victims’ body was not proof of the fact that quotation team was behind the murder.