Didn’t expect defeat, will look into reasons: Pinarayi – UKMALAYALEE

Didn’t expect defeat, will look into reasons: Pinarayi

Friday 24 May 2019 12:56 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM May 24: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that the massive defeat of the LDF in the Lok Sabha election was something that he was not expecting and he will look into the facts that led to the defeat of the Left in Kerala.“During every Lok Sabha election, there happens to be sentiments against the incumbent government in the Centre. Such sentiments were also seen against former Congress governments in the Centre.

Thus, there also happened to be a mandate in the State against the party that is ruling the Centre,” Pinarayi said in a press note.

“Thorough out the election campaign there was a reflection of strong sentiments against the BJP government in the Centre. The LDF was able to evolve an opinion and sentiments against the BJP government through its interference and campaigns.

And as a result there was a mandate against BJP in Kerala.
The BJP didn’t get any seat in Kerala because of LDF’s political stand. But Keralite’s hate against the Modi government turned favourable for the Congress in Kerala.

The fact that favoured the Congress will be studied in detail and the government will move forward,” he added.